Kat Von D's LA Ink Canceled By TLC

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TLC is cleaning house this week.

First, the network announced it canceled Kate Plus 8. Now it says it will be bidding farewell to another reality star after this season: Kat Von D.

"TLC has decided that the current season of LA Ink will be its last. The network is proud of what the series accomplished in four seasons, following Kat Von D's journey as an artist from Miami to Los Angeles,” TLC said in a statement.

The Kat Von D

This has been a tough year for Kat Von D, with her house burning down, her cat dying, and her engagement to Jesse James getting called off.

The fourth season showcased Kat's relationship with Jesse James and their wedding plans, making things even more bittersweet for the artiste.

In the season premiere, the 29-year-old reality got a tattoo of Jesse James’ face. That was probably not a good sign as far as the future goes.

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all of you idiots need to understand that it is called body art not trash if you dont like it or never had one put on then you dont have an say in it so why dont you just shut up until you know more about what your talking about


Kat, babe...miss you already. Even though u dis the black dudes, we love ya. Jess is 1 dumb f**k. Best in life.


I agree that these tattoo shows portray an unrealistic view of the tattoo industry, but in response to widowmayker's post... I am pretty sure those "black plastic bags" were actually dry-lock pads. They are widely used by tattoo artists now. We use them at my shop. They protect the tattoo, allow it to breath and absorb blood and secretions without sticking to the tattoo.I wish Kat the best, but I would be lying if I said I am sad that the show is cancelled.. those shows are not so much about tattooing as they are about drama!


btw im not hating, anyone can get themselves tated up and walk around looking like a piece of a comic book strip.i have to admitt that it was a total turn off and couldnt stand k. vondee the moment she stated in an interview shes only "been" with 3 men in her lifetime.what a crock of shit and even if she was or was with a million dif. men who cares. shes far from looking chaste.dont care if shes a slut or not,but her sayin that made her sound so asinine,total loss of respect for her


wow its about time. who finally pulled their head out their ass in the corporate office inthe entertainment biz and decided thats its more productive and tangible to get paid trained actors that are trained in their art and put out there agian. this is something i like to see instead of all of this crappy reality show bullshit. which basically is shitty wannabe actors w/a scripted show


She's a tattoo artist and she knows the curse, she knows better;)


Why does everyone always have to say something mean, people are so jealous!


Thats too bad..sorry kat..


TLC better watch out. There isn't much to watch on that channel. Don't really know what else there is...


Thank God! There are already enough of these tattoo shows that portray the industry as a bunch of dramatic rockstars....sometimes that is the case but more often then not it isn't, but I guess all the drama makes for good ratings! Also, there are apparently no standardized health code guidelines to follow in the city of Miami, NY, or LA...smoking and pets in a tattoo studio????? I don't think so, and for the love of God, please stop airing people walking out with their fresh tattoos all wrapped up in black plastic garbage bags. You would think that someone with their own tv show and someone who can afford a Bentley could somehow muster up enough coin to purchase some sterile bandages to cover the fresh open wounds they just created! She can't possibly be a member of the APT!!!!! Good riddance!!! =D