Justin Bieber T-Shirt: Eff Who?

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Justin Bieber made an interesting fashion choice during an afternoon out in Los Angeles yesterday.

As seen below, the beloved singer donned a t-shirt that quotes Cee Lo Green's break-up anthem, "F-ck You." That single, of course, is dedicated to an ex-girlfriend and her choosing of another man. Is Justin sending a message about/to Selena Gomez? Or just giving a shout-out to Green?

And what's up with the Orlando Magic hat, JB?!? You're Canadian. The Toronto Raptors could really use some love right about now.

Justin Bieber Eff You Shirt
Making a Statement?

Is Justin Bieber sending a message of hatred or support?

[Photos: WENN.com]

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can you give me your phone number


Bieber is not going to call those of you stupid enough to post your phone number. Some other psychopath might! I still say kids under 18 should never be allowed to use computers unsupervised. I wish Bieber would just give it up already.




He's just wearing a shirt...People jump to conclusions way too quickly. He could have just worn the damn shirt to just wear it. Just because it says 'F**K YOU' on it, doesn't necessarily mean it was dedicated to his ex-girlfriend or anything. He could have just worn it to wear it. It's just a shirt...Why do you people jump to conclusions so quickly before you actually know the truth? You just make things seem too dramatic. Calm and find out the truth before you jump to conclusions. It's just a shirt...


The Toronto Raptors BwaHaHaha Oh Hahahaha OMG You Kill


it's just a shirt


You 2 why in the world would you put your phone number on there mishap mishap i agree with you but the two that put your number on there "Call Me When Your Sober" k i hope you realize that people can put that # in the computer and find you so if i were you i would deleting your comments just sayin. Now back to subject me personally i don't care for JB but let him wear what he wants to wear just because it says "F*ck you and F*ck her too." it doesn't mean anything people jump to conclusions way fast so that's wat i think.


It's just a SHIRT!!! Who gives a crap


Such a bad role model!


Just because he wore that shirt doesn't mean somethings are going on between them. They might, but people are always jumping to conclusions. He's still a good guy, he's just growing up.