Justin Bieber: I'm Not a Brat!

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Meet Derek Bieber.

In response to a rumor that Justin Bieber recently acted like a "brat" on an American Airlines flight to Asia - refusing to take his seat and giving the staff a "really hard time," according to Fox News - the singer simply said this week: don't believe everything you read.

When pressed for more, and when asked where he was headed, Justin finally grew tired of the questioning and joked that he's not a celebrity. Just a lookalike named Derek. See for yourself:

As for that weird statue of Justin and Selena Gomez naked, private parts barely covered, on the way to the Garden of Eden? Let's all pretend it doesn't exist.


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i love u Justin bieber


just watched vid he aint a brat end of never will be love u forev justin xx


no he is not a brat and never will be


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