Justin Bieber: I'm Not a Brat!

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Meet Derek Bieber.

In response to a rumor that Justin Bieber recently acted like a "brat" on an American Airlines flight to Asia - refusing to take his seat and giving the staff a "really hard time," according to Fox News - the singer simply said this week: don't believe everything you read.

When pressed for more, and when asked where he was headed, Justin finally grew tired of the questioning and joked that he's not a celebrity. Just a lookalike named Derek. See for yourself:

As for that weird statue of Justin and Selena Gomez naked, private parts barely covered, on the way to the Garden of Eden? Let's all pretend it doesn't exist.


Lolzz he's funny!!! Ahahaha..xxxxx
Goshh ppl watch ur mouth use r swearing too much am 13 nd I dnt swear tht much nd haters just SHUT UP nd mind ur own business y use searching JB if u dnt like him, h8ers use r so sad :/ xxxxx
Love u Justin Bieber.xxxxx


He is too a brat. And you all need to get a life because you are way too obsessed with him. He has no talent at all. A 3 year old can sing " baby, baby, baby".....


For all biebers who believe that justin is not a brat, we should not be forced to listen to those other bitches,who think that justin is one! The people who are bitches - don't believe that selena and justin should be together, maybe because they wanted to marry or date justin! I think its silly that those bitches call justin a brat, cause he acts immature for his age! So, what does that matter! Some of those bitches out there, that call justin a brat - act immature for their age?! Maybe we, beliebers, should call them the brats instead of justin, our teen idol forever! Dont ever mess with justin,selena,or his belibers!


awwww! he's sooo cute!


hello justin bieber. ~*_*~ ~*_*~ love me,love me justin bieber.


I really don't know if he's a brat because I never met him or got to know him* but seriously he can't be allll that bad.


If your a true Justin or Selena Fan, I'd Be supporting them both. Death threats are way to far to say. You don't even know where she lives. Niether Jusin! So, Just leave them alone and let them go on with there lifes While they're still young! C; I support both of them. And I'm happy they like eachother. Please, Nobody wants any Hatedred Aginist them. Their normal people. Just because their famous.. Just remember, They're still Teenagers. (At the moment) People can be so over- judgemental That it's so ridicioulous. Be happy for them!


He is too a brat and doesn't know how to sing and if yiu are 11 years old you have a foul mouth and you cuss too much, you should watch your mouth.


giv up wi im u fuckin dick head JB is NOT A BRAT and u know that u hate him cuz most girls in the world love him and ev and u cant face it can u now im 11 years old and this is wat i say to u anyway i love justin bieber and hope to meet him someday anyway justin dont listen to u he just laughs at any of ur horrid coments k so just leave him a fuckin lone love ya justin xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


He's a stupid, gay, wannabe and immature brat. Enough said.


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