Justin Bieber Crashes Ferrari, Will Survive

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Let's just hope his snake is okay...

Justin Bieber was involved in a minor traffic accident yesterday, the Los Angeles Police Department confirms, as a Honda Civic crashed into the singer's Ferrari in Studio City.

"No one was injured, and there was no damage to either vehicle," said a statement from the LAPD.

Justin Bieber VMA Outfit

No police report has been filed and Bieber will likely live to make girls scream another day.

The singer was coming off a successful trip to the MTV Video Music Awards, where he picked up the trophy for Best Male Video and has since Tweeted that he's in the studio, recording tracks for a new Christmas album.

Our question to fans: What should he title it?

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hate to say but this dude looks gay as hell


To Brittany.Go back to school and learn to spell. Nevermind Jerk Bieber. He only cares about torturing the public with his talentless music. Just an overgrown brat.


To Brittany.Go back to school and learn to spell. Nevermind Jerk Bieber. He only cares about torturing the public with hos talentless music. Just an overgrown brat.


He is a stupid kid with no talent at all. The best thing he can do for the public is to just give it up. It is disgusting and a waste of money to buy his dvds and t shirts.


You guys are dumb for saying he should die...noone should ever wish death upon another human being. He's a kid what has he done besides make music for all of you to dislike him.?? Grow up


god stop teasing us, and kill the boy already


@arnela, why the fucking hell would ANYONE be jealous of that dick-less dude?


Here's a guy who sings "Pray" a song that embraces social concern and less materialism, then drives a ferarri... wtf


lol who the hell gets a ferrari and crashes it. damn he lucky.


I dont understand why all these people are in love and super obsessed with him.some people really need to come to the fact that you will NEVER have a chance with this boy.he will never even know you exsist.get a life!