Justin Bieber and Chris Brown Duet: It's a Rap!

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Justin Bieber and Chris Brown have teamed up once again. This time, though, the duo has left the cheesy world of "Next 2 You" behind and focused on what's really important:

Girls, money and fast cars!

“My bad, I’m sorry, I’m double-parked, Yeah, that’s my Bugatti," Brown raps in "Ladies Love Me," sampled below, to which Bieber responds: “Baby, I’m not crazy, I got swag like Patrick Swayze."

The track will be included on Brown’s new, rap-based album "Boy in Detention." Give it a listen now:



omg i loved it chris brown and justin bieber best mix ever!!!!


why the negativity!!!? They're doing what they like and having fun w/ it!


i don't know wat people taking about this song is amazing i luv it i support it.jb can be the next white rapper just because he white dont mean nun so hop off him


A white, nine-year-old, 5'1" female Canadian rapper no less


Ok seriously @randyjacksonsbutt I too haye justin bieber. But you can't discriminate against them white people. Blood runs throughout all our bodies, so its only fair to treat them as original human beings.


Rap is officially dead. Once a white Canadian teenager starts rapping it's time to simply blow the entire genre up and start all over again. The last real Hall of Fame rappers to exist was Outkast. Everyone since then is garbage.


I love Chris brown he is amazing and so is his new mixtape :) I think Justin should stick to the signing but fair play to him for trying new things :) #TEAMBREEZY

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