Jose Baez, Lawyer For Casey Anthony, Investigated By Florida State Bar Association

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Jose Baez, one of Casey Anthony's primary defense attorneys, is being investigated by the Florida state bar association for alleged ethical violations.

The probe into Baez's conduct was triggered over a dogfight involving Casey Anthony's probation stemming from a 2010 conviction for check fraud.

She was given a year's probation, but the judge made clear in court that time spent awaiting trial for murder would not count toward its completion.

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The judge erroneously wrote the order placing Anthony on probation, however, to state that the jail time would count toward completing probation.

Anthony's lawyers acted as if the written order was the final word, however, and authorities - who were clueless - acted as if she had completed it.

Judge Belvin Perry later ruled that Anthony will return to Florida, ASAP, to complete her probation, regardless of the clerical error that took place.

The Chief Judge of the court is now lashing out at Baez for essentially trying to keep officials in the dark and get Casey off on this technicality.

The judge wrote in a scathing statement: "Our system of justice should never be in the position of rewarding someone who willfully hides the ball."

Baez may have violated "an attorney's duty of candor," he added.

On Baez' part, he told the judge he did indeed know about the trial judge's error but felt he had no obligation to inform the court at the time.

The State Bar of Florida is now investigating the matter.


I would like to know why did anthony get credit for time served on check fraud which when was also used as credit for time served with the 4 convictions of lying to police. I think Baez allowed this to happen so she could be free.


Bozo NEEDS to be investigated!!!! I lost count how many times Judge Perry watrned him he would hold him in contempt of court during that laughable circus of a murder trial. How he got that murderer off I will never know. He is a money hungry snake and should return to Puerta Rico. LOSER~!


Of course.. makes you wonder if he hid stuff in her probation hearing what did he hide in her murder trial, he is such a low life pathetic POS, he should be disbarred, asap!!!


is he going to pull the "IT'S 'CAUSE I'M SPANISH"...SAME 'OL BULLSHIT...


Baez is money hungry man who will say and do anything to achieve
the win. The pimp and the Finger are a shameful pair who will
defend anyone for money. The care not that they are guilty.
It's the W that counts. They should invite Jane Weintraub
to join them, she also will defend a murderer if it will bring
a monetary reward. They care not that the goal of any trial should
be to achieve the TRUTH. Caylee is looking down on them and her mom with tears in her eyes.