Jon Gosselin on Kate Plus 8 Cancellation: So Relieved!

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Jon Gosselin is not exactly sad that TLC canceled Kate Plus 8.

On the contrary, he is "very relieved" that his kids will be finally away from cameras, he tells Radar Online. "I hope they can have more private family moments.

"I hope that this will bring more privacy to my children."

Jon Gosselin: What a Guy

Jon says he's long advocated for its cancellation and the kids getting "attention they need for any personal issues they might have in the future."

"I have no clue what her next move is," Jon said of Kate. "I hope she dedicates more time to the kids. I wish her the best as she goes forward."

"Contracts have to end at some point," he said of TLC's decision. "I think everything ran its course and it was time to come to an end anyways."

Jon and Kate Plus 8 premiered in April 2007. It became a ratings smash, but nothing like what followed in 2009 when the marriage imploded.

The couple, now on more amicable terms, share custody of their eight kids. Kate is single, though she says she is ready to start dating again.

Jon Gosselin has a girlfriend, Ellen Ross, works a regular 9-to-5 job and lives in a Pennsylvania apartment not far from his ex-wife's house.



oh ya and straight to jon as we all know ONCE A CHEATER ALWAYS A CHEATER man up and learn how to take care of your kids and stop being such a loser


really you all think kate just sponges off her kids really she was supporting them you retards those kids had everything becaause of her they went on alot of trips because of her and they had good holidays because of her and they always ate organic food and never went with out because of her when did you seen jon paying for anything when did jon run around hiding thing for easter when did jon buy the kids there own hide outs oh wait jon only bought him self a motercyle with the kids money oh ya he also took his new g/f on a vacation with his kids money ya thats a real winner there listen to your selfs you all sound like retards did your moms drink with you at birth oh wait thats something kate didn't do either


i think jon is the ass and kate is the better parent by far hes nothing but a lazy f*ck*r i wish he actually acted like a fither and did more for kate and maybe she wouldn't feel the way she did all the time I think kates so much better off without him hes just a loser anyways


I agree with Bewe.Kate has a hateful attitude and she made Ashley very angry and does not seem apologetic for that.I am surprised Jamie is still her friend.It goes without saying Jon is far better off without her.


Jon and Kate attracted because they are opposites, he is laid back and took her crap as long as he could, there's nothing like seeing yourself humilated on TV every week to put things in perspective. Do I agree with all his choices? Not at all but we all make mistakes and he seems to have put his life in order, he pays support and sees his kids. We don't know the arrangements but hopefully he is available to the kids as they will need him. Kate has alienated her own family, her brother, friends and her husband, it stands to reason her kids will also come to dislike her. When the babysitter left and the kids were sobbing, I noticed Kate did not try to comfort them, it says alot about the type of mother she is. Kate needs help, as will the kids who have to grow up with her influence, one can only hope Jon can be their soft place.


If Kate wasn't so hateful and mean and rotten Jon would not have cheated. And that is between them and that is her own fault. She was always tteating him like dirt and she only used him to get pregnant.


Jon is not and never has acted like a 9th child!!! That would describe Kate and he was driven out by her abusive attitude!!! She is immature having tantrums everytime she doesn't get her own way! Jon is not the problem it is Kate and always has been! Ha! " the way he left? " Should he have stayed for even more abuse?! No!!!


Jon and Kate knew what they were getting into when the deal was inked @ TLC. We saw the reality of trying to raise 8 little ones and manage a marriage at the same time. Yes, Kate can be overbearing but Jon became the 9th child. His immaturity and lack of a 'backbone' was evident in the marriage & the way he left it.


I think that it's a shame when people totally "accept" that it's alright for Jon to be a cheating, lying husband to Kate while they were still married. Whatever happened to people believing in the marriage vows that they took not once but twice! Jon is quiet now because he has no choice. TLC has fixed his wagon and so did a judge that made him pay back money he took from his own kids. As for Kate, she has become too much a DIVA with all the attention on her moods and demands. They may cancel this show but she is the personality type that will bounce back into the spotlight again sooner or later. I loved the kids from the beginning and still do. I wish they would focus more on them and less on Kate.


It is painful to watch the final episodes of Kate Plus 8. She is letting all of her bad attitude and personality show. She is very bitter and the kids look miserable. I hope Jon is standing by to intervene because she is gonna make those kids' lives unbearable. It has always been about Kate.

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