Joanne Whalley Sues Val Kilmer For Child Support

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Joanne Whalley, Val Kilmer's ex-wife, claims in court documents that the actor stiffed her on child support payments for their two kids. Not cool.

Their marriage ended in 1996, and their kids are now 19 and 16. At the time of the divorce, Val agreed to pay $27,500 a month in child support.

But according to court documents filed in New Mexico, Whalley claims he's now behind on payments. Shedoesn't specify how much Kilmer owes.

Val K

She's going after his property in order to get what she claims she's owed, establishing a lien on Kilmer's property to force the actor to pay up.

This isn't the first time. Court documents show Joanne got a lien on Val's stuff in 2007 after he allegedly stiffed her on child support back then.

Val eventually rectified that situation and the lien was removed in 2008. No response from the actor's camp regarding the current allegations.


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In court child support is decided based on the amount of money each party makes seperatly. The COURT desides how much each party is responsible for based on their income. Not on what she wants him to pay and not what he wants to pay. Learn a little about the law before you shoot off at the mouth.


Those amounts are ridicilous..,but still- She looks amazing. Val does not. Yes, im shallow...


I meant cool not cook. Ps I'm a huge Val Kilmer fan but this is ridiculous.


Not cook regardless if how much either party makes that one side decides they are not going to pay child support. She raised the kids full-time since they were practically born and he gets to opt out?! How is that fair or even reasonable?! She had to be there every time one of them threw up or spiked a fever or had a parent -teacher conference at school, school projects, injuries, teaching them to drive, be both mom and dad. All he needs to do is write a check and he gets sympathy?!?!


that is not child support, that is mommy wanting to be taken care of.She does not know what a deadbeat dad is. when she's on welfare because he won't pay then i'll feel bad until then suck it up! when you divorce you become responsible for yourself, yes kids need support, but if the dad helps with everything but your house payments and bills come on.just because he lives a certain way doesn't mean you do. I'm sure val makes sure his kids are taken care of.


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He shouldn't have to pay more than the average cost of raising a kid. It's absurd that those leeches are allowed to bleed him dry. When a marriage ends, you should go back to how you were living before. Val Kilmer ought to take his assets and leave the country.


He's not stiffing her on child support, he's stiffing his kids and for that, he should be mightily ashamed.


Val went bankrupt. You can't pay that much child support when you owe Uncle Sam. Val get an acting role..and Ms. Walley get a job..then you'll realize how ridiculous is the amount your asking each month!!


That is why no one should get married in California. Almost $30 thousand a month in payments!! It doesn't cost that much to raise kids unless they are served food with a gold spoon. Most times it is the mother who hates to give up her lifestyle and most of the money is for her lavish lifestyle.
Most stars money and popularity wanes and the well starts to dry up but the bloodsucking lawyers want their piece of the pie regardless if the father is having a tough time. What does she do to contribute as she is not in movies anymore?

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