Jill Zarin Teases Departure from The Real Housewives of New York City

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Let the casting speculation begin!

Just days after The Real Housewives of New York City wrapped up another drama-filled season, earning a total of negative 14 points in the process from THG, Jill Zarin teased that she might not return to the Bravo franchise.

"The damage is done," Zarin told People. "I don't know if I can film with these girls."

Real Housewives of New York City Reunion Pic

Why might Zarin exit the series that made her famous? She cites the feud viewers witnessed during the reunion, where Ramona Singer was "hitting below the belt," according to Jill.

"I tried to be a friend to Ramona. And I thought that she was acting a little bit erratic, more so than before," Jill said of her co-star, who she believes to be an alcoholic. "A lot of times people who have problems don't see it themselves. That's why there are interventions... I really wanted to try to help her. And instead she tried to turn it around on me."

Of course, we've heard this "I'm leaving!!!" tune from countless Housewives in the past. Camille Grammer comes to mind, for example. In the end, if they even meant it to begin with, none can turn down the fame and money.

Do you wanna see Jill Zarin return to The Real Housewives of New York City?

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P.Mac-you NAILED it!!!!!
My sentiments on those 3 are exactly the same!
Get rid of that group, re-cast new fresh people who don't spread venom and LOVE acting out....
Yes, there has to be drama-but not the type those 3 offer!
Tuning out all together if Jill, Kelly and the Countless return.
Looking forward to Bethenny Ever After and RHWBH's-those shows remain lighter and funnier. This has become sad and pathetic. The reunion--total disgrace!


I honestly hope Bravo reads the input people take the time to write.
I personally hope we don't see Jill Zarin again--on ANY show!
She dug her own grave last year. LuAnn kicked in the rest of the dirt by not allowing Jill and Bethenny to mend fences.... And, the BEST part is, Jill blames Ramona for that!
I, along with so many other fans am truly tired of watching the absolute mess this show has become. If Jill returns, I'll not tune in at all. Take Kelly and the Countless classless one with you!
It's become an awful show. Sad, but true. Bethenny Ever After is fantastic and RHWBH is super! Re-cast NY or just be done with it!


Cant you find some attractive bitches to hate!lol


Jill Zarin is a clown...her nasally voice, 1980' boots and leggings, helmet hair are a constant irritation. She is a despicable, back stabbing, whining idiot... Her 15 minutes are up. Get rid of her and the show might survive. Kelly is another empty headed clown of no relevance on the show.


Jill is one sad individual who has become to believe her ideas are always right and she is the guru of all things. ha. The fact that she thinks she is better than Ramona and badly acting that she is friends with anyone is laughable now. She is just a loudmouthed pushy individual who has had too much exposure. None of them except perhaps, Sonia, have any clue how not to pander. LuAnn is the next saddest after Jill with her desperate climbing and grasping for the spotlight when in actuality she just shows tacky taste and boring behavior. The thin veneer civility of both these women, fails to hide their grubby low character.


She is a reprehensible human being. Whoever said that this show is stressful to watch could not be more right. Unless the cast is replaced, I absolutely will not be watching.


Jill destroyed the NY franchise because she only cares about herself. Bravo should have fired her last year when it was revealed that she tried to sabotage Bethenny's show. She came into this season with one goal, she wanted to destroy Ramona's business and reputation by insinuating that Ramona has a drinking problem. She wasn't trying to help Ramona, she was trying to destroy Ramona. If Jill was concerned about Ramona, she would have taken her aside(without the cameras) and had a talk with her privately. Jill tried to ruin Bethenny's career last season. The pattern never changes with Jill, she's an evil woman. I think Bravo finally came to their senses because it looks like she is not going to be invited back. Don't believe her BS spin, Jill wants to come back but Bravo doesn't want her anymore. They are sick of her antics onscreen and offscreen.
Congratulations Jill, you destroyed RHONY, I hope that Bravo is able to fix the mess that you created.


I want to say i liked Jill when the show first started when she was friends with Betthany but what she did to her was horrible she would not ouwn it like she says she does and Luanne was the one that would not let them stay friends( THE DRAG QUEEN)LOL.She was so mean to the girls this season.And to be friends with Kelly come on give me a break.Kelly has no idea what the hell she is talking about at all EVA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She really lives in Kelly world.I hope Jill watched the reuinon and is embarrassed about how she acted towardes the other girls SHAME ON YOU JILL Really hope u dont come back nest season


In my opinion Jill Zarin and company have ruined this show and there is no redemption. The show used to have some fun moments but it is now dark and stressful to watch. I can't stand seeing Kelly, Luann and Jill pour their negative venom all over everyone and suck all the fun out of this show. They keep telling everyone they are nice but I can't see it. In my opinion these three and the most not so nice people I've ever witnessed in action. No more! The final straw was their organized attack (gang up) on Alex at the reunion in what appeared to be a ridiculous bid to take over the show. I will never watch these three again.


honest question: how do you feel physically after seeing jill on screen? after watching how she speaks to people and how transparently she lies? i get tense and bummed out. the show is not worth feeling that way, so i stopped watching -- and i LOVED real housewives of new york from the beginning. jill zarin forced me to stop watching. she's just awful.