Jill Zarin: Remaining a Real Housewife

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Jill Zarin would like to clear up the rumor she started: this Real Housewife of New York City isn't going anywhere.

Soon after the most recent season of this entirely scripted series concluded, the self-centered star told People "I don't know if I can film with these girls." But, come on, folks, why would you interpret that as her leaving the franchise?!?

Jill Zarin Cries

"Rumors that I am leaving the show are simply not true," Zarin tells Us Weekly. "Everything that has been reported is simply rumors, gossip and speculation. I personally have been busy with my shapewear line, Skweez Couture and am still very much part of the Bravo family."

In fact, Zarin will be included on the nauseating, totally baffling Real Housewives Tour announced yesterday. Look for her, NeNe Leakes, Melissa Gorga and Marysol Patton to appear in Atlanta on October 15.

Also, look for anyone who spends money on this event to be in need of serious, serious therapy.


Next to Jill and Kelly can you, Bravo, pleeze send the countess packing too? She is so arrogant I switch the chanel as soon as she has her say. Bye Kelly and Jill, you are so obnoxious, now maybe I can come back to NYC Housewives and watch a complete show without changing the chanel.


I agree. If Jill Zarin stays, I will not watch. How obnoxious she is talking behind everyone's back. Grow up, Jill!


Obnoxious and irrelevant McCord should be taken out of the equation. Then the RHONY will revive its luster to the glamorous and classy side.
Frankel was a calculating USER and people that fell for her 'sob story' will see it soon unravel.
Season 4 ended as a big disappointment b/c 95% of the fans were creeped out with the ONLY mediagay husband VanK who is the only house husband so invested in this. They are very hard to watch, anyways.


Oh, I pray Jill Zarin leaves this show!
I stopped watching b/c of her. The voice, the mean non-verbals, the whole personality! The core of that woman is really mean. The delight she gets when she's kicking someone who's down is really disturbing.
Take the Countless and Kelly with you-can't stand any of them!
Bravo, please change this cast around-it's stale and boring!
Bring on Bethenny Ever After-great reality tv!
NO MORE JILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Disagree. If creepy Simon and phony Alex stay, I will not watch this show again. And please, a little less of Ramona. Watching a 60 year old menopausal women acting like a teenager -- and attacking other womens children -- gets old real fast. My 14 year old daughter behaves with more maturity than this socially handicapped idiot. Hear that, Bravo? It's time to raise your standards.


Ha! Great article "Jill Zarin would like to clear up the rumor she started", too funny and true. If Jill Zarin stays, I'm gone. Hear that Andy Cohen?

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