Jesse James and Kat Von D: Engaged Once Again!

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Kat Von D found a nice way to cope with the cancellation of LA Ink.

She and Jesse James – who called off their engagement last month – posted on Twitter separate photos of themselves locked in embraces. James went so far as to add the caption, "para siempre" – Spanish for "forever."

Yup, Jesse James and Kat Von D are engaged again!

Jesse James and Kat Von D Photo

Kat Von D is again wearing her ring (shown earlier this year).

In an interview with People, James confirmed the rumor. The engagement is back on, and Kat Von D is once again the only girl for him, he says:

"Sometimes you are only given one chance in life. It was up to me to open my eyes and see it. That girl is my chance. I will never stop fighting and striving to hold on to her. Showing her how special she is, and how much I love her."

Sounds like congratulations are in order. Again!


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congratulations, True Love is hard to find ,Hold on, and Love like you've never been hurt,dance like no body is watching and sing like no ones listening. Jesse don't dare let her get away againg and same for you Kat thats your man Love and trust him with all that you are inside, but still watch out for those skanky ass hoes ,dont trust no woman. wish you two a life time of love, respect and friend ship have a great marriage forever dont throw the towel in when it gets a little sweaty just dry off and keep going. YOU 2 R MEANT 4 EACH OTHER :)


Good for her but really couldn't she have at least found someone better looking she is a beautiful woman (LOVE the TATS) and a great artist I wish she had found someone worth her time but oh well maybe a couple of months as his wife she will open her eyes and go say to herself what the hell did I get myself into.


Apparently those two deserve each other. She is, perhaps, the most insecure female I've ever seen. Add wishy-washy to that as well. I'm sick of looking at her hideous tatted up body so the TLC cancellation doesn't break my heart. What IS sad is that she can't seem to function without validation from someone else. I say, lose the wig and get real! She won't last long with a jerk like JJ. He's a cheater, always gonna be one too!




Um Marie Lapointe-Chism: Why would you wish that he cheats on someone hat had NOTHING to do with the breakup of his marriage to Sandra? Try getting your facts straight and you might not seem so stupid ok? Kat had NOTHING to do with the breakup of the marriage and didn't even get involved with the guy til months later I am happy for Kat and to all of those haters who are calling her names because of her tattoos well, laugh all you want because she is laughing all the way to the bank and none of you people could hold a candle to 1/20th of her talent!!!!!!


Why did she deface her body with those tramp stamps. Is she trying to be 'cool'? That makes her just another bimbo!


I for one can't wait to see KARMA...What Jesse did to Sandra with this Kat...will surely happen again ....but this time to the Kat! Once a DOG always a DOG..Then you will truly get what you deserve Kat!


I hope he doesnt cheat on her again...but we all know how it goes-- you cheat once, you cheat twice.


I really tried hating Kat.. I really did, but after watching her show I think she is very sweet and kind. So I for one am happy for her. Jesse.. that's another story.


He should be so glad to think that any woman would fall for him.
and all that she is getting is unfaithful leftovers.
These two genuinely deserve each other. No one else in their right mind would bother to look twice at either one of these two "pieces of work"!!