Jersey Shore Season 4 Premiere Ratings: Gigundo!

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Bad news for the 30-40 percent of THG readers who see Jersey Shore articles and leave comments to the effect of "GET THIS CRAP OFF THE AIR!!!"

Not happening anytime soon.

Based on preliminary Nielsen data, the Jersey Shore Season 4 premiere earned monster ratings last night - a 4.6 rating among adults ages 18-49 and a projected 9.7 million viewers overall - shattering last January's then-record debut.

Jersey Shore Cast: Season 4

Jersey Shore's ratings are bigger than Vinny's ... fuhgedaboutit.

Unfortunately for the naysayers, the absurd quotes, blowouts, genuineness and "yes, this happened factor" continue to power the show to huge success.

Short story? These record ratings may not be the cast's last.

With a season being described as "the most insane yet" by producers, and a couple of surprising developments in the works already, we can't wait.


Well, we all know that the only thing that washes up on the Jersey shore is medical waste.


I watch for the pure enjoyment of laughing at their stupidity.


im sure most ppl who talk crap are the same ones watching. I love it. I get my smarts By watching lots of news and reading it daily so its nice to kick bk with just have one guilty pleasure.


It is like a train wreck. I can't help but watch...


9.07 Millions LOSERS! not Haters, simply LOSERS!!!!


haters hate on... seriously, this is what reality tv is supposed to be. take notes, and maybe you will make something more of yourself than "internet troll!"


Just tells you people do not have nothing better to do nowadays!


tell the retards to go back to there mommies houses..