Jersey Shore Recap: LET'S DO IT!!!!!

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Antics such as Deena's bi-curious robbery are almost par for the course on Jersey Shore. The kind of pent-up rage we saw last night, however? Off the chain!

It was one of the most-hyped events of the entire fourth season, and the culmination of the rage between Ronnie and Mike actually lived up to expectations.

Somewhat disturbingly, but it lived up to it.

As always, we've recapped all the top Jersey Shore quotes and moments for you. Let's break last night's episode, "Crime and Punishment," THG +/- style!

Drinking on the Job

Comcast episode description: "Ronnie and Sammi return to their old ways." Shiver. Minus 6. Special episode airing Sunday night before the VMAs? Plus 10!

Snooki shut off communication with Mike, saying their "bridge is burned," then took Ron's advice and told Jionni. We think they're good ... for now. Plus 4.

Vinny told the guys that Deena c*ck-blocked him, but that's not entirely true, as Erica didn't really smush Deena and ended up in Vin's bed later, so Minus 5.

There's a difference between a "tag-team" and a "tag-rob." Who knew. Plus 3.

Pauly and Vinny took Deena's bed into the living room as a prank. She then had an anxiety attack. Sad, but she brought this girl-on-girl drama on herself, so Wash.

Calling it like he sees it, Pauly confronts Deena for not acting like herself. He makes a point. The lesbian-ic experience sorta came outta nowhere. Plus 3.

Pauly shows how he gets all the girls ... to the pizza place. Plus 2.

Wisdom of Pauly D

Snooki and Deena decide to drink on the job. Plus 7, because we're frankly surprised it took as long as it did, and at least they (sort of) tried to conceal it.

Deena sums up Jersey Shore (and all reality shows): "That isn't me. I feel very, like, alone here, and I'm, like, just drinking, and then I do stupid (crap) like I did last night ... and instead of fixing it, I just keep drinking." Amen, babe. Plus 11.

Sitch and Pauly are rejected by two girls as a "package deal." Plus 5.

Ronnie and Sam actually had a nice date night. Won't last, but Plus 4.

During a night out at club YAB, a drunk Ron and a drunk Sam - wait ... wait ... hope you're sitting down - got into an argument. GROAN. And Minus 14.

Situation, as always, is in the middle of the fiery couple's he-said, she-said war of words. You can see where this is going, and it's gonna be epic. Plus 5.

Obligatory Minus 9, though, for Ron's anger issues, and Sitch's clear antagonizing of a guy with anger issues. The guys are both to blame in all of this.

"It's none of my business, but you both love each other at the end of the day, so just know that." - Sitch, after noting he's gonna smush Brittany. Plus 3.

Ronnie Gets Pissed

Sam told Ron about Sitch's comment a few weeks ago, in which Sitch relayed Ron's boast that he could be bringing five girls back if he wanted. Uh oh. Plus 5.

Ron rips off his shirt off in a fit of ('roid) rage, telling Sam he's gonna "f*%k him up" if she doesn't say what she just told him. We're a little scared. Minus 6.

Ronnie goes into the bedroom, flips The Situation's mattress off the bed, flings a blanket out of the room, then a suitcase. We are now more scared. Minus 8.

Mike starts spewing nonsense (and spit), such as denying he gets involved in Ron's relationship (LOL) and practically begs Ron to throw down. Uh oh. Plus 19.

"LET'S DO ITTTT!!!!" The Situation screams. "STAAAAAAAAP!!!" Sammi screams. Every word of Ron's is edited out. They circle each other. Plus 15 for what felt like a gripping reenactment of a scene from Rise of the Planet of the Apes.

Minus 7 for Sam getting shoved out of the way by Ron. Uncool.

The pent-up anger boiled over. The roommates crowded around. The credits rolled. Minus 10 for leaving us hanging like that. First Bachelor Pad and now this!

Minus 5, because we know this ends badly for Situation.


Whose side are you on?


This entire show is idiotic.


I think that Ron is a complete tool.. I used to like Ron, but he really doesn't like being called out.. I just dont know how Sam takes all his crap.. He is forever a drunken mess, and Sam is the preetiest girl on the show.. What the heck.. I don't get it.. Ron,, go back to jail and stay there.


ron lifted up that kid like a wrestlemania hero....poor mike..wouldnt wanna be in his shoes...i think he needed a bigger gun hahahahaha...he did f*** snookie though but me and my friend recently tried to figure out how we can tell when someone lied about smooshing...only way lie detector else NOTHINGGGGGG..jwow still hot...RON=ONE TOUGH MOTHER F***ER


Can we have a button for neither one? This is for Ron, no matter what you feel that someone has done getting physical is not the answer except for those less intelligent. This is for Mike, stop spreading gossip even if it was said to you so what. Listen or don't but don't go running to tell someone else. This is for Ron, if you don't want comments to get back to someone else do NOT say them esp to someone you KNOW can't keep his mouth shut. Here is to Ron and Sammi, you twp certainly do not belong together. Neither one of you should be in a relationship until you figure out what maturity is, until you can NOT have arguments of this proportion, until you can control your alcohol consumption so you are not even more stupid and immature.
I watched this for a few seasons and ALL I saw was fighting, bad mouthing and destroying each other's stuff. So juvenile like them.


Ronnie and Sam love each other they just need to get away from every one and be together if thats what they really want but they are going out and doing things that is asking for trouble...


How come last night on jersey shore they didnt even show the whole fight between mike & ron ? -.- Smh bruh


Okay this goes to MIKE. Who do you think you are ? You know go into "LAW SCHOOL" WHO CARES!!! Do you think that you're better than evrybody because apperantly you're not if you're trashing Jersey Shore like that. Incase you didn't know Jersey Shore is for intertainment, something you obviously don't know about. I think you should GROW UP,and forget law school because NOBODY WILL CARE!!! Thanks :)


probably the best jersey shore i've seen so far......deena comes back to herself....take no more shit snooki.....jwoww is impressing me more, being an actual adult in the house....and the snitchuation gets his ass kicked....BEST YET!!!


Ronnie can tell everyone what Mike told him but flips out when Mike does the same thing? What a jerk! It irritates me to be around an arguing couple because they are oblivious to other people around them.. I know the show needs drama to be successful but does it have to continuously be about Sam and Ronnie? They both need to quit acting like insecure teenagers and move on - WITHOUT each other! Enough already..damn!


As TMZ reported before this was all set-up

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