Jersey Shore Cast to Sammi Giancola: Grow Up!

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Jersey Shore fans know Ronnie and Sammi's relationship is volatile to say the least. This fact isn't lost on their fellow cast members, either.

In a preview from tonight's episode, Vinny Guadagnino takes Sammi Giancola to task for her erratic behavior around Ronne Ortiz-Magro.

"I'm done with him and you being drunk," Vinny tells her.

"When Ronnie and Sammi are drunk, they turn into different people and there's no getting through to them," he later reasons in the clip.

Fed-up roommates Deena Nicole Cortese and Jenni "JWoww" Farley agree.

"This needs to stop! You're not in high school and you need to grow up and find a happy medium," JWoww says of the recurring spats.

Giancola, naturally, reacts in non-Sweetheart fashion.

"I have feelings for Ron and I always will," she angrily snaps at her castmates. "It's hard living with your ex-boyfriend and going out. I'm dealing with it the best I can, and I feel like I've been doing pretty f--king good!"

Apparently she did something right.

Ronnie tells the new issue of Us Weekly that after a rough stretch at the beginning, he and Sammi rekindled their romance overseas.

"Being in Italy, in such a romantic atmosphere, brought us together," he said. "The first week was rough. Everyone was like 'Oh, my God.' But [Sammi and I] didn't fight at all in Italy. This is probably our highest point."

Not that there are many to choose from, but good for them.

Going by these Jersey Shore clips from the fourth season, however, Ron's relationship with The Situation is not at a high point. Whatever. Snitch got his.


@ Kati I hope and pray you go though what Sammi went though and still feel the same way. SHAME ON YOU!!!!!


Kati I think you are sooo much more insecure than Sam. You would never manage to get treated like she has been by Ron and on top of that get blamed for his behaviour. I hope it will come to you. Really do. Hope you fall in love with someone like Ron :)


Vinny you should get some councelling yourself before taking on the Dr Phil role you so eagerly want to have. It has been Ron all the time. And you denying that is abusing Sam even more. That's like saying to a bullied person "can't you all stop this nonsence, grow up!" Totally wrong. And you should not be aloud to councel anyone when you don't get this ver basic foundation.


Sammi is a stupid freak, and Ronnie is just as bad. Sammi is to immature to be in any relationship. So stupid and so sad to watch, she needs help big time.




i hate hate hate sammi shes a dumb ass insecure bitch she should have been done with ronnie the secound she found out he cheated on her instead she got mad at the wrong ppl jwoww and snooki where trying 2 help her dumb ass. i really wish she would just leave the show she is no fun she is stuck and insecure and a whiny bitch the day she leaves the show will be a better day for all of us


I love this show. Deena is hilarious she is always falling down talk about being clumsy. As for Sammi and Ron they just need to make up their minds either they stay together and get along or stay apart and go their seperate ways.


I love killing my brain cells every Thursday. Can't wait until tonight's episode to see these two oompa loompas. Episode 1 last thursday was pretty hilarious: http://bit­.ly/oyTc3E

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