Jennifer Garner: Pregnant With Third Child!

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Already parents to two beautiful daughters, Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck are getting ready for another baby! She's pregnant, according to reports!

The couple, along with Violet, 5 1/2, and Seraphina, 2 1/2 – are "thrilled" to be expecting their third child, they confirmed to the Associated Press.

Levi McConaughey

Here's Jen out with soon-to-be-big sister Seraphina:

Garner and Affleck, both 39, have each spoken of being hands-on parents. Garner said juggling acting and motherhood gave her a "split personality."

"[I] feel like half my brain is somewhere else all the time, but when the camera's rolling, I pull it together and focus for two minutes," she has said.

"Then I kind of turn back to a ditz again."

A ditz and a great mom. Congratulations to the happy couple ... and sorry to J. Lo, who won't be getting back together with Ben anytime soon.



JLo interested in Oscar dela Hoya? Is it because they like each
others outfit? He likes wearing highheels & fishnet stockings. Both wears hardly anything....yeah, I would say they are a good match. They both can cheat on each other & both won't care. If
you notice they're close in clothes size & maybe they can share 'em
together. Oscar wanted to make a career of singing & didn't quite
make it....if he & JLo gets together, they both make a duet CD.
Glad Ben had more brain than marrying JLo. I was happy when he married Jennifer Garner instead.


Ben and Jen are Hollywood Royalty...... no wonder why Jen met Kate with Will when they came to Los Angeles.... Great talents to see on film...At least some couples can make a go of it......


^FIRE AND OPERA^ I have like a Classy full of sh**t!! some times lol !


David Vance hires like some Art Directors to touch up the Volt a little bit,like some Fagalays touchy up lol a little Classy like a Luara !


^laughs over laughs^ Eugene word for word:very very very Gay !


Hopefully this will give them Ben Jr. I believe EVERY man that has children deserves a son. Especially when they are a good man, husband and father. Thats the type of gene we want to carry on when he is gone.


Yes this is true.


Happy for Jen And Ben....three children...what more do you need!!! A Big congragulations to both Jen And Ben on their third child.


Relax Ben Afleck is an old shoe, J. Lo has her eyes on Oscar de la Hoya. I think they would make a nice couple dont you thik so?


congrats jen and ben.

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