Jasmine Villegas Granted Restraining Order Against Suspected Killer, Rapist

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After Jasmine Villegas was spotted kissing Justin Bieber, she received a number of threats that, we'd like to think, were mostly in jest. Sadly, the same cannot be said for Steven Cintron, a 33-year old man who allegedly offered someone $5,000 to murder the young singer.

Villegas was granted a restraining order against Cintron this week, following documents that proved he sent her thousands of messages between 2006 and 2009. Testified the 17-year old:

"In a couple of the videos, he has appeared holding deadly weapons, i.e. a gun, machete knives stating that he was going to find me, rape me, and kill me."

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Villegas says she's been in constant "panic mode" because Cintron also threatened to murder her mother, brother and current boyfriend. One Tweet to her reportedly read:

"You're dead Jasmine. I swear to God I'm going to kill you. I will blow your f**king head off bitch."

Jasmine starred in Bieber's "Baby" video. Cintron is now barred from contacting her via the Internet and must stay at least 100 yards away at all times. Thank goodness.

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suck his dick gurl......don't care about him give him your pussy and make sure he sick it so he wont come back running for it yo!let him go to jail....I am so lost!.....SHIT!


suck his dick gurl!


I truly love Jasmine Villegas but she doesn't know that. I think this witch must be in custody by now because being far away from her doesn't mean that he wont make means to fulfil his idea and the worst is that nobody is watching him... Dont worry Girl, U gat back up!


This is just crazy. i dont really like her but she DOES NOT deserve this.that guy is obsessed and hes a perv!just sick! i would be scared out of my mind still!


People, it is a big deal. This guy is 33 years old threatning a17 year old girl. In NY that is serious. You don't know what this guy is capable of doing and hunny she is a big deal. She has over Millions of fans, you just don't know her yet. Would you like it if a guy threatend you? NO. Not alone threatens her family. People have no hearts these days. This is a big deal. YOU don't know her so stop talking shit. If you have nothing to say don't say it at all. What goes around comes around and this MIGHT happen to you.


Apparently, Sam// never learned to read context in it's entire form. She had received THOUSANDS of messages from this creep from as far back as 2006. Justin wasn't even discovered until 2008. Famous by association?


Steven you are supposed to be an adult. Grow up already. If you need some help go get and get a life.


What a psycho he should be in jail! Poor kid.


I don't see what the big deal is. So what if this guy wants to kill her. It's not like she's special or anything like that. A restraining order is just really dumb and she is over reacting.


@Sam: Wth are you attacking her for? She is a child and obviously you must be too with those ignorant ass comments. It has nothing ot do with her fame. This is a sick, disgusting, perverted pshyco that needs to be locked away for threatening a young girl and her family. Get a freaking brain.