Jake Pavelka Endorses Ryan Park For The Bachelor

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From one douche to another, Jake Pavelka says Bachelorette castoff Ryan Park deserves another shot at love as the star of The Bachelor next season.

"I think he would be pretty good at meeting the audience," Pavelka told Us Weekly at a party celebrating Bachelor Pad 2 last night in Hollywood.

"He wears his heart on his sleeve."

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Other strong candidates include Bachelorette runner-up Ben Flajnik and Ames Brown, who along with Jake, debuted on last night's Bachelor Pad 2 premiere.

Park told reporters last month he was no longer "in love with Ashley," but admitted he continued to run through plenty of "what if" scenarios in his head.

So would Park take a shot at being ABC's new Bachelor? "Maybe!" he said ... but clearly he would. Like Jake Pavelka, you can tell he lives for this stuff.

Your thoughts: Who should be the next Bachelor?


Ryan would have been a great bachelor.
Handsome, sexy, genuine and a real sweetheart.
Ben F is a bland, boring and tedious drone (that horrible voice!)who seriously needs a personality and a haircut...


Another boring bachelor season as usual. I just don't think Ben can cut it. Nice guy, not overly attractive but that's it. We needed an unknown with mucho sex appeal to make the show interesting, good looks and a kind and gentle personality to go with it.


who cares what Jake thinks
he is such a fake and such a looser wose
but either Ben or Ryan are good choices for the Bachelor


I like Jake,he seem's sincere,Vianna and Kasey deserve each other.Mean people.Ames is awesome!marry that girl.


Jake says.... yeah I stopped reading after that. Who cares what Jake says??? Ben F for Bachelor!


Thnks for setting up such an easy site to access. Very user-friendly.

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