Is Paula Deen the Most Dangerous Person in America?

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As any viewer of the Travel Channel knows, Anthony Bourdain is not one to hold back an opinion. Typically, it's related to food.

But the No Reservations host expounded on his views in a recent interview with TV Guide Magazine, saying of celebrity chef Paula Deen:

"The worst, most dangerous person to America is clearly Paula Deen. She revels in unholy connections with evil corporations and she's proud of the fact that her food is f--king bad for you... plus, her food sucks."

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Deen was not the only well-known personality to feel Bourdain's wrath ("Does [Rachael Ray] even cook anymore? I don't know why she bothers. To her credit, she never said she was good at it."), but it's safe to say she got the worst of it.

What do you think? Is Deen the worst person in America?


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Kill em all


Anthony thinks to highly of himself. He is a weirdo, plain and simple.


What about personal responsibilty? Paula Deen isn't shoving her food down your throat!


Someone needs to protest celebrity chefs who thumb their nose at comtemporary wisdom about healthy cooking and eating saying its okay to eat LOADS of butter, sugar and salt, fatty meat, heavy, fat drenched meals and desserts. Whatever it takes.


Paula is just a moron - she definitely needs speech lessons to learn to pronounce the English language correctly - she is way past abusing the souther accent and way of speaking -
as for her cooking - she helps create the path to heart attacks, diabetes, cancer and who knows what else with all her butter and salt.


Bourdain was right about- Dean is a big fat ho, and share that money with people who need it. Fuck her that ugly face lift bitch. Anyone that gets in the bed with her is a fucker too!


come on, it's Anthony Bourdain! He's like the Eminem of celebrity chefs. You'd expect him to make these comments. It's why people love him really.


Wow this guy is so jealous it is pathetic. He sounds like an elitist food critic. When will these people learn that no one cares what they think. If we did someone would be watching his show instead of flocking to watch Paula Dean. There is no doubt her food is not on a lean menu but it is fun to eat once in a while. Plus she is entertaining. And these liberal elitist are trying to give her a hard time because they want to force a union in one of the food companies she represents. Give it up. I promise to watch Paula more and never watch him.


Anthony I love you and your show....... But enough with the haterade!!! Always spewing negative venom towards other chefs. Comes off a bit like jealousy!!!!

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