Inside the Kim Kardashian Wedding Ceremony: The Gown, The Bow, The Ringbearer and More!

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Ready to go inside the wedding of this century, last century and every century to come?

E! News has given fans a glimpse at yesterday's nuptials between Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries. Seriously, there was a groom involved, too!

Below, get your first look at Kim's dress, Mason as ringbearer, Kris in a tux and Mama Jenner donning what may be the ugliest giant bow in fashion history. While we check records to verify this statement, enjoy the following sneak peek at a ceremony that made Kardashian more money than millions of people will see in their lifetime...


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freespirit114. u are nothing but big fool. enermy of progress.


before i say anything,i luv the dress but i think u married a complete asshole he's such a posser and a dickhead!!!!!!!I luv u kim k


DRESSS DRESSSS DRESSS!!!! i wanna see the dressss!!!!


Grace and Lanie this Leon jerk is the same person posting as Tina on other kim Kardashian posts.They are dosgusting and they need mental help.Nothing better to do but write this trash about someone they never even met.


Leon you are are an ignorant sht who needs to get a life instead of spending hours online writing thousand word posts about people you claim to not care about. Stop reading the blogs, watching the show and writing about it if you don't care. Get off your fat ass and go find something constructive to do.

Avatar bring new meaning to the word 'hater'. Actually, you come off more envious and jealous than anything else. I feel sorry for you. Maybe you could turn the TV off or read a book or go to the beach or a movie. On, I know, here's a suggestion.... GET SOME PROFESSIONAL HELP.


Beautiful wedding! i did not care for the Bride's mother's dress but the rest was awesome!!


There you go again freespirit114 with your criticism.You boast about acting your age and not your shoe suze and you act like a child in grade school.Mason is not the only real looking person out of over 450 people.If you do not like how they look then you always have the option of not watching them on Tv or not looking at photos of them in magazines.I doubt you look perfect.


There you go again freespirit114 with your criciticism.You boast about acting your age and not your shoe size and you act like a child in grade school.Mason is not the only real looking pyouerson out of over 450 people. Why don't you just stop watching the show (if you do) and stop reading about them if you have nothing positive to say?

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