Casey Anthony Prosecutor to Release Book

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Jeff Ashton, the assistant state attorney who prosecuted but failed to convict accused child murderer Casey Anthony, is writing a book about the experience.

It remains to be seen if a book by Ashton, who retired just days after the Casey Anthony verdict, will be well received. Way to profit after letting the public down!

According to the Orlando Sentinel, publisher William Morrow will publish the book in late November. The title? Imperfect Justice: Prosecuting Casey Anthony.

We actually think this would be a better title/cover:

Fake Casey Anthony Book Cover

Mr. Ashton, I hope you put in the book the time the Anthonys meter was read. Watch the DrPhil show to rebut what they say. Is there any chance that someone saw Casey hide the black garbage bag and stole it and then put it where it was found. It was the only wooded area near the house, why wasn''t it thourghly searched. Because of the police and detective blunders you didn't have a lot to work with. Please address these issues. I wish you and Miss Linda the very best.


Why would the defense want to write a book. She "got away with murder". If she nor any of the Anthony's profit, I, for one, would like to know more details from the person who has the details of the case. Just because the jury came back with a not guilty verdict, does not mean she is innocent. The jury screwed up the verdict big time with their careless attempt to deliberate and their eagerness to get back to their personal lives. They didn't know the difference between doubt and unreasonable doubt. Also circumstantial evidence is still evidence, but they thought there wasn't enough evidence in this case. Were they sleeping througout the testimonies? I think so.


The sad thing is the innocent will never get justice. Everyone will be able to go on with their life but at baby who never got a chance to enjoy life is gone. The lawyer is writing a book, mom went back to school, which freedom is what she wanted and got, the jury will be able to go home and live their lives. Mean while still no justice was served. So again this will go as a cold case and tucked away. I hope she haunts everyone involved and have them go crazy or commit suicide.


Everyone connected with the case will write a book.
We do not have to buy it.


I have no problem with Ashton making money off of it. . .HE deserves it. What I DO have a problem with is a lady who murdered her child and got away with it making money off it.


Gee where are the haters now? Had this been the defense attorny we would never here the end of this, now the prosecution is going to cash in on this and not a peep is to be heard.