Graphic Photos Found in Robyn Gardner Case

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Graphic photos found on the camera of a man Robyn Gardner was with have deepened the mystery surrounding the Maryland woman's disappearance.

Robyn was supposed to be in Orlando with her parents - or so she told her boyfriend, Richard Forester. In reality, she went on a vacation to Aruba.

Now the 35-year-old is missing and presumed dead. Gary Giordano, a 50-year-old Maryland businessman with a disturbing past, remains in custody.

Robyn Gardner Picture

The mystery has only deepened as authorities in Aruba begin releasing details from the investigation, such as images that are "beyond pornographic."

No other information about the photos has been revealed, and it's still not known exactly when the pictures - on Gary Giordano's camera - were taken.

It is also difficult to determine whether the acts are consensual, says Julia Renfro, editor-in-chief of Aruba Today, the island's English language daily.

"You only see organs," Renfro tells People Magazine, disturbingly. "You don't know if she is awake. There are other pictures where she is posing naked."

It's the latest surprise in a case that had already gained notoriety because of its parallels to the unsolved disappearance of Natalee Holloway, 18.

The suspect in that case, which captivated the nation in 2005, is Joran van der Sloot, who is being tried this fall in Peru for another murder.

As far as Robyn Gardner is concerned, leads have been provocative.

Along with the photos, authorities are looking into a $1.5 million accidental death insurance policy Giordano reportedly took out on Gardner before the trip.


Any idiot that says,Robyn deserved to die,is a weird sob,and doesn't have one ounce of brains. No matter if she cheated,lied or tried to con someone,it doesn't mean you should loose your life. Anyone that agrees with this wacko,Johno is a worthless piece of shit.


It is interesting that everyone thinks this woman and Holloway
are dead. Venzsuela is not far by boat. Both could have been
kidnapped by sex slavers. I agree though that they both
are sluts and deserve whatever they got. Holloway's
parents should be shot for letting their slut daughter go
to that sex paradise.


She loved money, free money, a flash of her old goods for a free ride. Congrats to Giordano, he knew what to do with a whore. Dog style it, use it up and dump it in the ocean. That is waht should happen to all the cheaters, all the money obsessed fame junkies. I have never met this woman but i hate everything about her- gold digging parasite. Well little lady your dishonorable scam backfired, the Guinea saw through you, saw that you were a disposable hole, filled it and disposed of it in the ocean. No one should suffer any consequences for fixin' a skank up real nice. RIP!


This is just not right, I could see it if it were a young girl. but she was 35 years old and to me look like she hd been around the block a few times.I think she is in on the scam with this pervert both money grubbers.sorry but just the way I feel and other people to just had rather not post it.the boyfriend needs to shut up after all she didn't give a damn about him or she would have not been with that freak in Aruba.


Here's my opinion.. A girl doesn't just go on a romantic vacation with another man while living with her boyfriend. I strongly believe that Robyn has a total DARK side to her, and that's why she went on this vacation with Gary. She lied to her boyfriend, family, friends to be with Gary. Again, this is only my opinion but, I think that Robyn is involved in this insurance scam. I think she is alive and well and in hiding.. I think that she and Gary were going to run off with the money together. Police should be looking for her but, not in the weeds. They should be looking at airport footage to see if she had changed her appearance (i.e. hair color, cut her hair and changed the color). She's probably sitting in Mexico waiting for Gary.. I work in criminal law and that's my hunch....


i agree with jinxy. he had a plan in mind when he took out that life insurance and why would he all of a sudden want to leave the island and go back to the states. he is as guilty as oj and casey. i hope they do not let him go until this gets resolved.


Omg, Jinxy, shut up. There have been 2 high profile murders of Americans in Aruba over how many years? And you want to call it dangerous?? We have more murders here in the US, proportionally speaking, than they do. Should people not travel here, either? That man is American, not from Aruba; if he did it, he would have committed that crime anywhere. Aruba is a wonderfully beautiful country and I believe they are trying their hardest. Just as we don't solve every single murder that happens here or let murderers off easier than what most people feel they deserve, Aruba and every other country in the world is the same way. Though I do agree with you on Mexico so you're not a complete idiot.


my speculation is this... She (Robyn Gardner) agrees to travel with him (Gary Giordano)to Aruba. I suspect on the day these "beyond pornographic" photos were taken, he must have slipped her an illicit drug in her adult beverage and while unconscious, performed multiple sexual acts and in doing so, documented such acts to perhaps cover his own ass; that it was consensual (just in case proof was ever needed). I'm not sure she was sold into some kind of a sex-trade although he is hard up for money. But shame on her for not only doing this to her live-in boyfriend, but to herself. Lesson perhaps learned here.


Nobody takes out a life insurance policy on a person they are going on vacation with unless they have a plan to collect, he did, and she's dead. Since it's in Aruba if he's found guilty he'll do 5 months and be sent back here to kill again. Why in the world would anyone go there or Mexico in this day and age, it's like asking to die.


beyond pornographic can only be something that is perverted and illegal, like snuff movies or smt. thats the only thing that comes to mind. honestly, is it that bad? then its dam disturbing :S:S