George Clooney and Stacy Keibler: New Hook-Up Alert!

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In the least surprising news of the week, George Clooney is having no problem moving on from Elisabetta Canalis.

About a month after his split with that model, the actor has been spotted in Italy with former WWE Diva Stacy Keibler, who reportedly spent time at Clooney's villa in Lake Como on July 8 and subsequently Tweeted: "I'm in heaven."

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Introducing... Klooney!

"They have a lot of friends in common and run in the same circles," a friend tells the latest issue of Life & Style. "George isn't ready for anything serious. This fling is purely for fun."

Keibler has guest-starred on such hits as How I Met Your Mother and Chuck. She's also danced with the stars and is a serious cutie.



All these women think they are the "one" that will land him. It's true if they are Joe Blow the town bad boy or George C. They never "land" them, they have their fun and move one. Good entertainment to watch the bimbos while they are in the spot light and see them fall off the radar when he's done with them. Hope he stays single so the entertainment continues


George Clooney is trying his best to catch up to Old Man Hefner. Maybe one of these days we will have a photo of George in a scooter with a hot young thing to push him around. And believe me it won't be because she thinks he's hot. It will be because of $$$$$.


"This fling is purely for fun"...Ummm, when AREN'T George Clooney's relationships just for fun?? I mean if you don't want to marry and you are constantly dating people 15+ years younger than you (don't know how old this one is), then my assumption is that it is not a serious thing...ever.


didnt she play vicks gf on the george lopez show?


He just looks like an old man with boyish features to me...does he have any personality at all...I'm sick of that same ole silly grin on his face...he looks boring to and boring.


"spent time at Clooney's Villa in Lake Como on July 8" ?? You're an arrogant moron Clooney.


gosh who cares. Get married and move on george. This is such an old story with u, its all the time. Yes we know u got married once, the divorce broke ur heart and now u will be dating young woman that would never be wife material. Ok. Yeppy

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