Future Baby Mamas Bombard Lil Wayne With Panties in Concert

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Lil Wayne has knocked up his share of females already, but judging by this display at his recent show, his impregnating days may not be done yet.

Not by a long shot. He found himself facing a major onslaught - we're talking a full-on deluge - of panties thrown onto the stage by excited ladies.

A video of the event shows panties flying on stage. Weezy holds them up for the crowd, which causes at least a dozen more pairs to follow suit.

You know what's funny? Why is it called a pair of panties when it's just one item (and a skimpy one at that in this case)? Pretty crazy, right?

Anyway, check out the video below ...

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Whatever they say weezy they can nt stop u even if they stoped u they won't get anything out it so they r just waisting their tym. Stay strong ma man


Lil wayne is a star, so he can do anything with his life. But if u know u care about him just pray 4 him. Cos no body is above mistake.