Final Destination 5 Movie Review: Again, For the First Time

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Final Destination 5 hasn't changed its premise much from the original ... or any of the first three sequels. But that doesn't make it any less enjoyable.

Like the rest of the franchise, seeing this film in the theater offers both an expansive big-screen viewing effect and the power of watching it with an audience.

Ironic as it is to use the word joy to describe horror, in the Final Destination series, the way in which the death scenes are crafted is a sight to behold.

The 3-D filming adds a horrifying new twist, too. Check out the trailer below, and follow the link for Movie Fanatic's official Final Destination 5 review!


I think its changed a good went from the first few movies being things that could happen and coincidences to the last few movies having things just move on their own and things that wouldnt happen.all the other ones they had to find out on their own, now some guy is coming in and laying out everything thats going to happen and why.i still like the movies, but ive gotten less and less excited the past couple of movies.