Even Judge Can't Figure Out Casey Anthony Probation Situation

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Earlier this week, Casey Anthony temporarily avoided a hearing regarding the terms of her probation stemming from a Florida check fraud conviction.

Judge Belvin Perry said he'd need more time to consider the facts before ruling on whether Casey must return home to serve probation in that case.

"I'll be the first to admit this is not a very clear cut issue ... you’ve given me a lot to think about," Perry said, calling it "a legal maze" and "a mess".

Casey A.

Anthony who was acquitted last month in the death of her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee, is believed to be in Ohio and didn't attend the hearing.

Her attorneys argue that she should not be required to return because of safety concerns, and because she served the probation behind bars.

It's as confusing as it sounds, if not more so.

On January 25, 2010, Anthony was given probation by Judge Stan Strickland after she'd pleaded guilty to charges she stole checks from a friend.

The confusion set in as Florida's Department of Corrections thought Anthony could serve the probation while in custody awaiting her murder trial.

Strickland said last week he wanted Anthony to serve the probation after the sentence, not during. Last week, Perry said he'd wanted the same.

However, Department of Corrections probation supervisor Susan Finigan testified that proper procedures were practiced in Anthony's case.

Finigan added that while it's not the usual arrangement to have someone in custody serving their probation, "It does happen on occasion."

The Department of Corrections therefore deemed that Anthony's probation was concluded on January 24, long before her murder acquittal.

Anthony’s legal team claimed their client’s life would be in grave danger if the state forces her to serve a year’s probation for check fraud.

"This thing is over and done,” her Florida-based lawyer, Jose Baez, said. “And for some reason things seem to keep coming up again."

Judge Perry did not say when he would announce his ruling.


Superb infomrtaion here, ol'e chap; keep burning the midnight oil.


As much as this piece of work just makes my stomach turn she served her probation in jail. Florida is totally picking at anything to make up for a huge loss. Anyone who went threw this would fight this with every fiber of they're being. Believe me I want her in jail but I don't want taxpayers to pay for her security if they bring her back. Let this trash go and hide under the rock she oblongs under God has Caylee the devil is coming for Casey




Judge Perry will take the easy way out.
Hide her with the jury.
He really only has two options.
(1) Have her serve probation LIKE ALL CRIMINALS,
with all the same rules.
(2) Send her back to jail for breaking probation
in jail, talking to other felons, and breaking
other rules.
Take your pick pimp Baez and tell your associate
No finger at the judge please.


I think Casey should do probabtion outside of jail just like any one else would have to do, and she should be brought back to Orlando to do so, and do community services to help payback the $$$$$$$ she owes the state of florida and the city of Orlando..God knows anyone else would have to do it, and not be treated like a princesses. and I am sure there would be alot more happier people out there especially in florida, if she at least got something for all this mess!!


Hang her


If Caylee was your daughter you wouldn't be so fast to say.
LEAVE HER LONE. She killed her daughter, we will never leave her alone.
Remind her whenever you see her. Watch nothing, read nothing.
Remind her Pimp Baez and his associate The Finger, they also are whores.
Anyone who would get a killer off by all lies is worthless.
Rank would make a Peer Juror for the 12 blind mice.


Just to add... if this were not such a highly celebrated case the decision wouldn't be so hard judge. I think the judicial system owes her something for the 3 years. If she needs anything put her on probation so she can transfer to wherever she needs to be to be safe. We help convicted killers and gang rapists in special circumstances and protective custody... we cant help her? Quit it with the publicity and leave this girl alone.


As far as I'm concerned she was acquitted from all charges on the case. I agree with Baez... Why would she have to risk her life by coming back to Florida to serve probation? Come on. She was found not guilty but spent 3 years in prison while she waited for this verdict. Seriously America? TIME SERVED!!


Judge Perry has only two options:
(1) Start serving her probation NOW.
(2) She goes back to jail for BREAKING PROBATION
while in jail.
She spoke to other felons, had no job,
Only saw a probation officer once, and could
not complete a probation WHILE IN A JAIL CELL.
Come on Judge Perry stop worrying about her safety and
rule on the law. The Pimp and Finger can't save her
forever, we will remind her for life that she killed
her "You are my sunshine" baby.