Dude Woos Selena Gomez, Cites Break-Up with Justin Bieber

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Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have not broken up. We write about their relationship for a living and we'd know if this were the case.

Also, your eardrums would be bleeding from the collective teenage girl scream being let out right about now.

But some guy has taken to YouTube and claimed the couple is no longer because Selena caught Justin texting ex-girlfriend Jasmine Villegas. That would be a reasonable cause for a split, no doubt - and this guy runs with it below in order to make his pitch to Gomez.

We somehow doubt she'll be buying...

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yes i can take justen know


selana break with justin i like you i will kill


you are the best selena and justin bieber i am a big fan of you gis


i love jutin bieber do you love jutin bieber


u all should leave selena alone she deserves him right and dammmmmmn u sxc justin im like u biggest fan xoxoxoxoxoxoxoix i love you soooooooooooooo much

@ billynda bradford

i do to


Man people dat sayin dat the dnt like her she dnt like yall fuckin azz hell so gt ur mine n act together hell cause i dnt care wat people say about me lol so it really dnt matter to me if people dnt like m but justin bieber dnt care wat people say about him so yall jus sme haters man so fuck yall weak azz man knw wat cause i am not goin bitches who wnt it cause of wat i said hell eat mii pussii bitches or suck a dick LOL n LMFAOOOOOO!


this video is sooo funny hahahah i love it soo much if i was selena i would call him up and say hey to make his day hahahaha hes my new fav guy!!!


For everyone who didn't hear clearly, Timothy (guy in video) said "word on the skkkreet (street)" is that it happened that way but he doesn't know how accurate the RUMOR is. Plus he's a comedian on YouTube so I have no idea why you guys are taking it so seriously.


omg lol XD that gye is really funny....i hope justin and selena did break up..i think i would pee from laughing


Oh come on i just can't belive justin found the right girl stop it let them live their lifes...