Dr. Phil Grills Casey Anthony's Parents: First Promo

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Are they misunderstood, grieving grandparents? Gold-digging weirdos? It's unclear to say the least. Perhaps Dr. Phil can figure out George and Cindy Anthony.

The September 12 season premiere of the Dr. Phil Show will find Phil sitting across from the parents of America's most hated individual, Casey Anthony.

The Anthonys will discuss their daughter's trial, during which they both testified, what their lives are like now, and finally the million-dollar question:

Did Casey kill Caylee Anthony? Here's Phil's promo:

Casey Anthony trial: Did the jury get it right?

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Dr. Phil could care less what the public thinks of him unfortunately.. I'm sure he will be laughing all the way to the bank. Cindy has Georgie around her finger so tight she squeezes the pee out of him.Neither one of them should be sucking the system for disability when they are fully capable of working. They should be ashamed of themselves but nooooo they could care less as long as it will give them the "Bella Vita" which is exactly what is happening; ie, shopping sprees and new cars... Phil is the pimp for their ride to the good life.. Their foundation is a joke. Caylee was killed by their murdering daughter and they knew it, and now they are profiting off it. They should all be hiding their heads in shame IMO.


Is Casey moving to Dade County? CaseyTrackers say they got tip that she's moving probation to Dade County, Around Miami!


George and Cindy Anthony spotted Shopping in Statesville, NC. Had to get security


Most people who run non profits draw a salary from donations but it does seem dirty. Can he please give George a lie detector test jerry springer style please...


Here you are another of the peers that our jury
system selects for a murder trial. He now joins the
12 blind mice to prove to all we do not have the best
jury system in the world. Try crying for the baby that
Casey murdered.


There will always be a way to get around putting money directly in the hands of the Anthonys. Don't let this little girl's memory fade. She is DEAD at the hands of her own mother, and the family is making money off of it. Dr. Phil, you are lying by omission. George and Cindy, we feel bad for you, but GET A JOB and let that baby rest in peace.


Yet i dont hear any dissent on the fact that the prosecution is cashing in, you complainers are a bunch of phonies


Dissapointed in Dr. Phil. These grandparents created and allowed an enviroment for Casey to get away with murder. They think that they are celebs. They are opportunist and liars at best.


Won't be watching Dr. Phil's show, since the show evidently made a HUGE donation to the foundation of which George and Cindy head up. Their attorney said back in July that they would be drawing a salary from this foundation. I will not be contributing to them 'cashing in' on their granddaughter's death. I'm sure I can hear of any revelations later on in the day on HLN or Fox.

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