Dr. Phil Grills Casey Anthony's Parents: First Promo

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Are they misunderstood, grieving grandparents? Gold-digging weirdos? It's unclear to say the least. Perhaps Dr. Phil can figure out George and Cindy Anthony.

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    george is i think speaking his true thoughts and feelings finally,
    Cindy however can't tell the truth to save her own life, this woman is pathetic excuse after excuse, she can't admit to herself now that casey was a pos mother because cindy knows casey is just like her, post partum schitzo,, brain tumor, blah blah, so unloving to say that wasn't caylee thrown in the swamp her soul was gone, those were the arms that wrapped around her and said i love you gramma, those were the little hands you would hold , those were the big brown eyes that adored you, that was the sweet little mouth that sang , THAT WAS CAYLEE, soul or not it was her, I hope George divorces that dumb b_____ now , she only crys tears for casey the daughter she took part in screwing up, not one tear out of her eyes is for caylee,


    Street slang for Zanax is Zanny, which may be why she used the name. I personally know that when you are in withdrawals from them you have a seizure. I have had several from this as well as many others i know that buy this on the street, use for a few days, run out and about 2 or 3 days later------YOU WILL HAVE A SEIZURE. I also believe that when Casey could not get any Zanax ( and they are hard to get ) she tried the choroform . Caylee spent many, many nights in the trunk with Zanny. That poor child had a terrible mother not an awesome one.


    I just got finished watching the first day of Dr. Phil, and I think personelly Cindy runs this Family and has George wrapped around her finger, Will or Can Dr. Phil Break them?


    Cindy and George Anthony If you knew how badly your daughther was sick and sufering frm postpartum depression you had time to get her some help and take Caylee away before your daughther murdered her own baby! your right Casey is a sick twisted womman and will pay on jugdement day.


    It's a shame that Casey's parents can't be honest either. As a parent of grown children myself, I can say that a parent knows about their children. While they want to protect their daughter, why are they dishonoring their granddaughter by not being honest. Shame on them. Caylee deserves that dignity!! I know she is in heaven being loved as she certainly deserves!


    Well i dont think anyone should profit from caylees death,This little girl was murdered an i also agree they should all let caylee rest in peace ,,We all know she was killed by her own mother ,Lie after lie ,,The question is does the grandparents really know,,Rest in peace caylee,anyone making money off this little girls death should b ashamed of their selfs,,


    It was wrong,don't you think?Enough is Enough,leave it alone allready. I was one of the millions of other people that watched this mess of justice,What happened?She will get whats do!THE LORD KNOWS!


    I feel sorry for George and Cindy Anthony but I do not feel they should profit from Caylees death and I feel Casey should have been found guilty as all America feels she got away with murder. If she don't pay in this life she will judgment day. I hope somebody gets to her and takes care of her. She is a scum and a murderer


    the three of them where in on it together they all killed caley why pay for her murder you should be ashamed


    I'm interested in hearing what the parents have to say. I think they have never done anything wrong. Its their daughter who murdered caylee, not them. Let them speak.

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