Does Prince Michael Jackson Have a Girlfriend?

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Kids. They grow up so fast.

Michael Jackson's eldest son, Prince Michael, spent the afternoon at Magic Mountain in Valencia, Calif., yesterday, along with his siblings Blanket (pictured) and Paris, plus Jermaine Jackson's kids ... and a special young lady?

Michael Jackson, Children

Could this be a new girlfriend for Prince Michael Jackson?

Prince Michael Jackson, 14, with his mystery maybe-girlfriend and brother Blanket, 9. The kids seemed to be having a blast during their Magic Mountain excursion.

Sightings of Michael Jackson's kids have been more common in the two years since their dad passed away. They always look like they're handling things well.

[Photo: Fame Pictures]

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Girlfriend or not, it's good to see these kids out and about doing kid things. They deserve to grow up and live their lives in peace and be happy. No matter who their father was, at the end of the day they are just kids. With all the attention, rumors and even criminal cases surrounding MJ's death I hope these kids come through ok. I wish them all the best.


on the bright side, at least he won't end up like mj, a virgin until he was 35. then again, i think poor mj was probably a tortured, repressed gay man and that was the root cause of a lot of his problems in life. so sad


yikes. hopefully he can do better than that in the future


You'll have your information wrong. The photo you have up for Prince Michael Jackson II is actually Prince Michael Jackson I, the oldest son of Michael Jackson. And I'm 100% sure he that is (Blanket) was not given that nickname because of the crap in your bio.


cute couple


Um.. you're about 10 months late on this one.


Yeah her name is Niki, they have benn dating since october. She has a twitter account and a youtube account and she uses Prince for popularity to get more followers and more views on her videos.


Micheal's children are growing so fast. It breaks my heart to know micheal is missing these moments. God bless his children and family.