Does Helen Mirren Have the Best Body in Hollywood?

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Megan Fox, Olivia Wilde, Mila Kunis... Helen Mirren?!?

The 66-year old British actress isn't typically included among the hottest women in the world, unless you take an L.A. Fitness poll. That health club surveyed 2,000 members last month, asking them who possessed the Body of the Year.

And, great dame, Mirren took home the title!

Helen Mirren Picture
Kelly Brook in a Bikini

Helen Mirren is gorgeous for a 66-year old, but Kelly Brook has two major objections to these results.

The top 10 female celebrities, according to this poll:

  1. Helen Mirren - 17.65%
  2. Elle MacPherson - 10.6%
  3. Kelly Brook -  8.35%
  4. Jennifer Lopez -  6.6%
  5. Cheryl Cole -  5.35%
  6. Myleene Klass -  4.2%
  7. Holly Willoughby -  4.1%
  8. Pippa Middleton -  4%
  9. Kate Winslet -  3.9%
  10. Nicole Scherzinger -  3.8%
As for the top 10 males...

Top 10 Male Celebrities

  1. David Beckham - 21%
  2. Daniel Craig - 15.75%
  3. Johnny Depp - 10.25%
  4. Brad Pitt -  9.35%
  5. Peter Andre -  6.65%
  6. David Hasselhoff -  3.55%
  7. Rafael Nadal - 3.3%
  8. Ryan Reynolds -  3%
  9. Robbie Williams -  2.3%
  10. Simon Cowell - 1.95%

Holly Willoughby should be at 1st because she is freaking hot and in a bikini she is finger-licking good.


The male list is pathetic!!


Did they survey a nursing home or a fitness center??? She looks good for an old person but saying that she has the best body in Hollywood is just plain silly. If I were the Editor of this joke of a magazine I wouldn't have run this to print.


David Hasselhoff???????????


I don't think simon cowell has a good body :S


The majority of these people are over 40. Nice to see!


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