Did Will Smith Walk in on Jada and Marc Anthony?!?

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The rumors won't die.

Despite a publicist statement specifically shooting down talk of Jada Pinkett Smith having an affair with Marc Anthony, the latest issue of In Touch Weekly fires off some explosive allegations, namely: Will Smith walked in on his wife and her Hawthorne co-star! Doing more than rehearsing scenes!

In Touch Weeekly Report

The tabloid claims this incident took place in August, as Will suspected an affair and secretly flew home from a movie shoot. He walked into his home, saw his wife in the arms of J. Lo's ex and left in tears.

The report goes on to state that Will and Jada - who sources say still might separate - have been distant for months. Believe what you want, readers, but consider the cover above: It takes A LOT for a story to knock Kim Kardashian's wedding from the front page!

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Why are you bitch made niggas hantig on a 9 year old girl? She ain't even in middle school yet yet she got people hantig on her. So what if her parents helped her get that deal. Let me reiterate she is 9. Her parents probably won't even let her spend the money till shes a teen anyways. Niggas is pathetic these days.


Cant believe it ! Ive always looked up to there marriage since I was a teenager & Im 25 yrs old now. Me & My ex boyfriend always wanted a relationship like there's, we was together for 10 yrs. This story really made me sad.


Awww main! Why marc n jada?


jada you ought to be a shame of your self you completely messed everything up . ya'll was a great couple that i thought would last for life it is really stupid
will i know how you feel on this situation
ill keep u and the family in my prayers.


Jada with Marc...oh please!!! It's all gossip and most of you just fall for all the media frenzy drama. I seriously doubt that they will divorce. All these rumors are out more than likely to bring attention to Wills upcoming movie in the summer, MIB 3..


This is so sad that these couples are so blessed,but so unhappy. I am not going to judge neither one of these people because I do not have the right to do so. One thing that I will do is pray for all of them, and hope that with all of the fame and riches that they will forgiveness and that one day they will find an unconditional love which can only be found in JESUS.


Jada Jada Jada what the Hell was u thinking man u a fool for that one with a man like will u should have treated him like the king he is an to sleep with somebody else's husband its one think to fool with the boyfriend but jlo's husband wow it could not have been me cause I would have put something tough on ur ass fuckin with my husband jlo I take my hat off to u was a good one cause that bitch need a foot in her ass but will keep ur head up move on to better cause its lots of women out here that would love to have u lol I no because I am one I been a fan since I was bout 10 an I'm 27 an I still think u sexy I still watch old reruns of fresh prince lol move on baby show that hoe u can do better. Better yet u an j~lo look like a perfect couple (=^;^=)


Will should leave that bitch he trusted her and now their marriage is over.Plus I only like her in set it off anyway.


Will has got d swag nd style, so y on earth would jada leave him 4 dat worm looking, sexy voice Marc anthony? Pussy problems i guess


OMG!!! Jada Jada Jada! What a lucky girl you are. I was totally messed up after that love scene you had with Marc Anthony. I hope Will can top that. I have one question though..... I wonder......how many takes it took to complete that scene?