Did Jay-Z Diss Chris Brown at the VMAs?

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Chris Brown's VMA performance was, by all accounts, one of the highlights of the night, and one that left most people in the crowd on their feet.

Jay-Z is not most people, however.

Everyone from Kanye West to Justin Bieber stood up and cheered, but Jay-Z just sat there expressionless, not even smiling as Brown did his thing.

Of course, Jay has other things on his mind - what with Beyonce pregnant and all - but he remains tight with Rihanna, a singer he made famous.

Think his decision not to applaud (around the one-minute mark) was motivated by some lingering animosity? Or is Jay just too cool? Or maybe tired? You tell us ...


he's alwayz cool cuz he thinks he is j hova


I 8-2 be an Arsenal fan right now. Lol


Jay-Z is a hater, you have to give Chris props, the young man did his thang!! Jay get over it!! Chris is the closet thing we have to Mike, not Beyonce like Jay said, get over yourself already, I seen the video where YOU(Jay-Z)slapped that girl!!! Boy, whe do we always forget our past sins!!!!! #imjustsaying....


you look dumb typing there...the man has morals and he stuck with them while people like you are distracted by shiny objects.


I would love to be fly on the wall right now. Lol


Who care about jayz, he look stupid setting there.

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