Did Jay-Z Diss Chris Brown at the VMAs?

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Chris Brown's VMA performance was, by all accounts, one of the highlights of the night, and one that left most people in the crowd on their feet.

Jay-Z is not most people, however.

Everyone from Kanye West to Justin Bieber stood up and cheered, but Jay-Z just sat there expressionless, not even smiling as Brown did his thing.

Of course, Jay has other things on his mind - what with Beyonce pregnant and all - but he remains tight with Rihanna, a singer he made famous.

Think his decision not to applaud (around the one-minute mark) was motivated by some lingering animosity? Or is Jay just too cool? Or maybe tired? You tell us ...

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forget justin beieber being called a spoiled brat, chris brown is the bratty one!!! Waaaawaaawaaa he throws the biggest tantrums. & thats why i dont like him. Hes just as bad as kanye west.


Good for Jay Z. At least one person there had some integrity. And for those who keep bringing up his looks...at least he doesn't beat women and have a zitty oily face.


Cris brown is going to be the next king of pop because the recordings compaies say so,that's how we got lady Gaga.Cris Brown has no talent ,he's just like a billion other kids imitating Michael Jackson and he does a lousy job doing it.But the record companies have no other character to put out there.so will be watching this woman beating fool dancing on Good Morning America for some time to come.


Was it a diss? Or are the rags trying to once again see if Chris Brown takes the bait? btw Jay-Z is no saint. He was the catalyst for another form of abuse that is equally despicable--DRUG ABUSE. He dealt drugs and I'm sure some of his former clients are either dead or in prison under the draconian drug laws. Jay-Z gets to redeem himself but Chris Brown doesn't? If it was a diss, then pot meet kettle.


Ok, what Chris did to Rihanna was awful and inexcusable, but he didn't nearly beat her to death. Maybe Jay-Z didn't stand up because he doesn't want to support an abuser, maybe he wasn't impressed with the performance, maybe he was just feeling lazy. Who cares? I'm sure Chris Brown doesn't.


It's funny how people want to cut Chris a break for nearly beating a woman to DEATH, but still holds a grudge against Michael Vick for dogs. I guess if MV was a singer it would be ok since you would need to justify why you still listen to his music. I would NEVER forgive or support a man who beat my mom, sister, friend, or aunt nearly to death! NEVER!!!!


Jay Z, puts himself on a pedestal, Why was the camera looking for his reaction anyways? we nearly missed the performance cos they kept bring in to Jay Z's face & you know how ugly it is. He couldn't end that kid's career loldont take Jay Z seriously. Chris will be an even bigger star next year & he'd better get use to seeing him honoured in big ceremonies like that. Beyonce's face isnt all that pretty + Jay Z's fat nose & lips? wow! good luck B


Jay Z, puts himself on a pedestal, Why was the camera look at his bloe job lips anyway? He thot he's ended Chris's career lolz I dont take Jay Z or what ever he does seriously so I really didn't read too much into his unfit a$$ Chris may be the next King of Pop & he is currently leads the next generation so he should expect the same if it comes to his tribute Jay Z is really un-important at this very moment, & I still don't know why the camera kept going to his ugly face.


People ,the guy was too tired to be cheering kids like chris, i have a crush on chris ,but do not think JayZ had to cheer for him if he did not want to.


For real Jay-z! Get up from your ass and leave your ego behind for a second!You really are NOT that special!!