Did Jay-Z Diss Chris Brown at the VMAs?

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Chris Brown's VMA performance was, by all accounts, one of the highlights of the night, and one that left most people in the crowd on their feet.

Jay-Z is not most people, however.

Everyone from Kanye West to Justin Bieber stood up and cheered, but Jay-Z just sat there expressionless, not even smiling as Brown did his thing.

Of course, Jay has other things on his mind - what with Beyonce pregnant and all - but he remains tight with Rihanna, a singer he made famous.

Think his decision not to applaud (around the one-minute mark) was motivated by some lingering animosity? Or is Jay just too cool? Or maybe tired? You tell us ...

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Man I cant believe how stupid u people are, why all yah muth-fuckas hatin on Jay, like he said sumthing to the boy. Jay didnt say nuthin to dat nigga. so why is everybody trippin. See how easy it was for these cats to minipulate u dumb fuckas into saying sumthin negative about Jay.(Is Weezy behind this)lol. Listen So what Jay didnt clap, what u want him to do go up and shake the niggas hand who beat the shit basically out of his little sis. People forget Rhiahna was down wit jay since she was a kid 17-18. So to jay thats family. And keeping it 100% real , if u a real man it wont matter who u fucking stabbed, what bitch u mushed and the faced if a nigga beat on a chick in your family, u and that nigga aint never gonna be cool period. What if Chris Breezy as yah like to call him beat on your sister, your mother, or your daughter think about how long it would take u to let that shit go. Fucking idiots.


@ jennifer wormack are you serious, Chris being the man Jay is, a man that stabbed another man in the neck, delt drugs, and punched a woman in the face, what a saint! And him not supporting an abuser another person commented, ok, he punched a woman in the face, delt in drugs, what does that make him? I don't no why people think Jay is such a God, he is no better than Chris or anyone else. Both Rihanna and Chris have moved on, you would think he would be more focused on his pregnant wife instead of living in the past all in Rihanna's business. Why is all forgiven and forgotten with what Jay did, but people won't seem to let Chris move on for nothing? Jay has no right to look down at Chris or anybody else for that matter. Don't matter that he didn't clap or cheer, CB had the best performance of the night! Glad Lil Wayne is fixin to knock him off his high horse in album sales, go Weezy!


@ jennifer wormack, Chris brown should be the man Jay is, a man that stabbed another man in the neck and delt in drugs, are you kidding me? You really sound stupid, Jay is no better than Chris Brown, you would think he would be more concerned about his pregnant wife. I don't no why people think he is such a God and he has done wrong like anybody else, but yet all is forgotten and forgiven, but yet Chris is trying to move on with his life, but assholes won't let him. Jay has no right to look down at anybody for that matter, he is not perfect at all!


i need help people chris is amazing


for what i care chrisbrown is talented he proved it say whatever you wann say cause us team breezy we are bihind him 100% ayoba ayoba chrisbrown ayoba! u took my breath away


Really is this the best story that Hollywood gossip came up with this is retarded who cares


jay i feel you you dont have to clapp, because he really dont deserve shit.tell him to be the man that you are


YUP! I'm the hugest jigga fan but i saw a clip awhile back of him straight mushing a female fan in her face. Now i know he didn't go to the extreme chris brown did with rhianna, but still. he shouldnt put his hands on anybody in any fashion. he can't be the pot calling the kettle black. he wouldn't want anyone touching his soon to be baby girl, if that's what beyonce have. bottom line, chris brown ROCKED his performence!!!


Chris was the bomb....hands down!!!!! Chris don't need Jay-Z approval.


Jay-Z is an asshole for that. Just like he clapped for other artist, he could have done the same for Chris. He is going to be a father and one thing is true, be careful what you put out in the universe because Karma is a BITCH and when it hits it hits you and the people you love. I say that as a mother. Do be and ass because you think you can. He mushed a girl in the face years ago caught on tape. So I do not know what his problem is.