Demi Lovato to Elle: Enough Was Enough

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"When you punch someone on a plane, enough is enough."

So says Demi Lovato in the latest issue of Elle, opening up about the confrontation with Alex Welch, a backup dancer on her tour last fall, that finally made Demi realize: Wow, I need help.

Demi Lovato in Elle
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But the personal issues, later attributed to Bipolar Disorder, started much earlier than December, when the aforementioned incident took place.

"I was completely out of line all summer," Lovato says. "Just the worst attitude - totally ungrateful."

How much of a role did her split with Joe Jonas play in Demi's downfall and eventual treatment center stay? None, really, she says: "I wouldn't credit my meltdown to a guy. There was so much other stuff in my life."

Pick up the September issue of Elle to read more from the singer - including her experience with bullying as a child - and click on the following images to enlarge shots from her magazine spread:

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Demi Lovato is an amazing singer, actress and role model. I love her voice and acting!


demi you are amazing !!!!
i am so happy that you are okay now and that you took care of your problems
you are an amazing actress and singer and i can't wait to hear your album-i'm sure it will be great like always !!
you are my role model for life !! and i love you soooooooooo much !!


Wow Demi is so strong to even come back ! I love Demi Lovato She is so cool and to even come back at all with everybody that are hateing on her ! There so much people That look up to her in a good way so Im glad to hear that! Im curious Though does She like Tiffany Thorton after her takeing the Lead part of Sonny with A Chance!


Demi u r a skyscraper dont worry bout the hater ur amazing talent and I hope when u go on tour u ..come to mine town


U can take everything I have.. U can break everything I am like im made of glass im made of paper. Goin on try to tear me down .. I will be rising from the ground like skyscraper


Look at all of the immature posts from people who love to others fall and fail. Does that make your pathetic life any better? Demi- more power to you. You realized you have a problem and are working it out. I am proud of you for admitting that you need help. (All people need help at times. People in the public eye just have harder times accepting it.)
Accepting that you have a problem does not make you weak, it makes you a stronger person- becasue you can admit you are not perfect. As a Disney star, you are going to go through a lot more scrutiny, and judgment. Keep you head held high.
In the end, all will see that you are more of a role model when you counter your problems and deal with them rationally. I wish, for you, only the best during your difficult days.
But - It gets better. We are pulling for you.


Love you Demi!!! Don't listen to the haters!!! You got the help you needed!!! I have a lot of respect for you!!!


Your a suck up bitch Demi lavato


I hate u Demi lavato. I think u r a terrible actor and your singing is the WORST I have ever heard. I am not sorry to hear about this. You just need to get over it! You just want people to feel sorry for you. You dont deserve your fame.


Don't give up hope Demi you are the most inspirational person that i know i know how you feel but sometimes i feel like i have to climb up the skyscraper that has too many holes in it plez stay the same your fans especially me are leaning on you for support of our problems and Me personally i want to know how you do it i would feel honored if you contacted me but that would NEVER happen


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