Dancing With The Stars Praised, Assailed For Chaz Bono Casting

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The casting of Chaz Bono on Dancing With The Stars has sparked serious debate.

That watershed moment for the gay and lesbian community has been hailed by many, calling it a breakthrough and a triumph for diversity in America.

“Chaz Bono joining the cast of a series like Dancing With The Stars would be a tremendous step forward for the American public to recognize that transgender people are another wonderful part of the fabric of our culture,” said GLAAD.

However, the move has prompted backlash from critics as well.

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A spokesperson for the Media Research Center, which “seeks to bring balance to the news media and prevent liberal bias from undermining traditional American values” says that Bono's addition to the DWTS Season 13 cast is taking things too far.

“Whether it’s Glee or Dancing With the Stars, this is Hollywood’s insistence on tearing down traditional families," said Dan Gainor, VP of Business & Culture.

"Parents now more than ever must realize they cannot let their kids watch TV without supervision or risk advocating lifestyles that most do not approve of."

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Transgender people are God's gift too. Stop judging and start celebrating. Gay or straight, we are all equal. Thank you DWTS, your ratings will soar.


I honestly believe that "Chaz" loves the attention (Be it good or bad). If she didn't, she wouldn't keep putting herself out there like she does. She supposedly got what she wanted (A penis/beard/buffed-up fat). Now go enjoy your new freedom and look Chaz. Don't keep sticking it out there for everyone to comment on. I'm not happy for you and I don't think you're happy for yourself. If you were you would go live your life and stop trying to tell people how happy you are. I don't think you look good as a man Chaz, I'm sorry. What show are you going to do next...The biggest loser? You're making a mockery of yourself. Please stop for your mother's sake. She doesn't deserve this.


Brilliant!!! I've never watched the show, but I will now. I love trans and gay people :)


DWTS used to be a classy family show to watch. This will be the year I WILL NOT be watching. People can do what they want to do, but I don't want to watch a she/he dancing and that is my right.


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This season’s cast of Dancing With The Stars promises to be beyond uninteresting. Maybe people will tune in to see if Chaz Bono is a clod http://bit.ly/pQDvQs


PEOPLE NEED TO STOP JUDGING OTHER PEOPLE. WE NO LONGER LIVE IN THE 1950'S PEOPLE ARE ALLOWED TO BE DIFFERENT AND LOVE WHO THEY LOVE AND BE WHO THEY WANT TO BE!!! But the one complaint i have is that he is not much of a celeb to be on the show but maybe i am wrong and he has had a career in the entertainment biz. But still people need to stop being so mean and closed minded


so what he's a transie, its not my style, but so f*ckn wut! He's/she's a human being & thats all that shud matter. Every day, we have a prob or 2 about wut other ppl doing, f certain ppl dont wanna watch now, i'd say 2 hell wit them, they'll pik up mayb double(n the gay community) 4 amount of ppl that stopd watch'n!!!


Nothing to explain. I may puke. Rename the show "Dancing with the FREAKS " What can we expect next time ? If there is a next time, maybe we could throw in a couple of misunderstood petophiles and rapist or other felons. Great family show !!!


I hate censorship .... and can't believe I'm saying this .... but I agree with the critics. I don't have a problem with her sex change operation to become Chaz .... I just don't want it brought into my living room. I will not be watching this show.

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