Cynthia De La Vega Stripped of Miss Mexico Crown Due to Alleged Weight Gain

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Another beauty pageant scandal is upon us. But this one has nothing to do with lewd photos, crucifixion reenactments or gay marriage stances.

Cynthia De La Vega appeared on Good Morning America today and claimed officials took away her Miss Mexico title because she dared to gain six pounds. The 19-year old was scheduled to represent her country in November's Miss World Pageant.

"I was very, very excited because I thought this would be a great experience," Cynthia said, adding of her reaction to the stripped sash: "I was very sad and very deceived. I cried and cried and cried."

Event organizers see things differently, of course. They claim the teenager old lost her crown due to a "lack of dedication and discipline." But De La Vega said she attended every class and was prepared to compete in November.

What do you think? Cynthia De La Vega losing her crown is...


I think Puritan was being sarcastic.. I mean to say, I hope Puritan was being sarcastic. I guess I would understand if she gained 60 pounds.. but 6? Really??


What I want to know is how they even knew she gain 6 pounds? I mean really u can see 6 pounds.


Really Puritan? Gaining six pounds will make our world obese? You are such an idiot and ignorance person. How will it? She still looks FABULOUS. We have many eating disorders in the world too beside obesity. What about anorexia? Or bulimia? Models are the number one of the many who are in high risk. I'm actually HAPPY to hear she dared to gain sixs pounds. Why? To show you can be healthy and still look good. People now a days are such idiots, its sad to see what the world is coming too. I think she should have her crown back. As a proud Mexican, I am ashamed my country is acting like this. I hope they will open their eyes and give her back her crown; cause she is doing exactly what she is suppose to be doing. I hope people like you, who think it was bad of her, get what they deserve :)


Seriously Puritan? Wtf...PLEASE say that you were being sarcastic. I doubt gaining SIX pounds made her chubby and if there are teens out there that "would start over eating to be like her" they have way more serious problems to worry about, like mental issues.


Standards are standards. Who wants a chubby teen representing their state? She's a role model. The message she is sending to the teens that look up to her is bad. She's saying it's okay to gain six pounds. Now, many teens are going to start over eating to be like her. This country has an obesity problem and she is contributing to it. She should definitely lose the title. She should also be shunned and portrayed as a public disgrace.

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