Courtney Stodden or Pamela Anderson: Who Would You Rather...

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Editor's Note: We feel as dirty writing this as you feel reading about it.

But Courtney Stodden has given us no choice.

The 16-year old aspiring singer - who is marred to a non-creepy 51-year old, who is on birth control and whose breasts might be real - recently posted for a photo shoot in which she made like Pamela Anderson in that actress' most iconic role.

"Just completed my session; Court does Pam! XO's," Stodden Tweeted of the following shout-out to Baywatch, which prompts us to ask readers to compare these looks and decide: Who would you rather...

And the Winner is?

Courtney Stodden wants to be compared to Pamela Anderson. Have at it, in that case, readers. Vote now! View Poll ยป


This should not even be posted. She's 16. It doesn't seem appropriate.


Clearly, being the happily married domestic goddess is not enough for Courtney Stodden and she is doing whatever she can to get booked for Playboy, Hustler, or Screw, for that matter


You are seriously asking if I would rather have sex (statutory rape)with a 16 year old girl or Pamela Anderson? In what world does it matter who Courtney wants to be compared to. She's 16. Almost all 16 year old girls have idols and what to be like them, but do we go around asking if we'd screw them or their idol? This is absolutely appalling. Just because he parents signed off on her wedding to make it legal does not mean we can treat her like a full fledged adult and talk about her in any manner. Especially in a sexual one.


meth-face stodden!!!!!


This is nt a christian girl at all. Yea its fine to be sexy but doing these kinds of poses in that extremely hight bathing suit is nothing short of wanting to look like a slut. And she very well may be a nice girl but shes giving off a really different perception.


Do you mean who looks like the biggest prostitute? It's a draw------


dis is so damn serious s she rily 6teen den i tink i can marry 2 courtney sit on ur damn ass n use ur dull brains cos u no match 4 pamela


It's hard to believe she is sixteen. O_o i wonder how she'l look when she is 40. This girl is going to grow into a wreckhead.


WTF pam looks younger than courtney hahaha omg.


I think that it's about time that someone in authority sit this CHILD down and let her know that there is a whole lot more out there than being "a married woman" and a slutty model. If you respect yourself and slow down a little good things will come your way.

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