Courtney Stodden Channels Farrah Fawcett, Sharon Tate

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Courtney Stodden is at it again.

No, she hasn't married another 51-year old actor in one of the more disturbing, desperate cries for attention that we can recall.

But the young singer has paid supposed homage to a classic beauty by donning a similar bathing suit and striking a similar pose. A few days after we uncovered an image of Stodden making like Pamela Anderson, an image of a then-15-year old Courtney has emerged. Here, she channels Farrah Fawcett from the latter's Charlie's Angels days:

Courtney Stodden vs. Farrah

Who looks better in her red bathing suit?

Elsewhere, Stodden's mother tells E! News that people should visit her daughter's official website to see "a black-and-white photo of her sitting with her legs up, tastefully, on a black leather seat. It's in the style of Sharon Tate."

Who is Sharon Tate? An actress who was married to Roman Polanski and was pregnant when she was killed by the Manson Family in 1969. Check out that picture HERE.


OMG! Are this childs (and yes, even now at age 16 she is a child) parents totally crazy or do they just want cash rolling in? Allowing a then 15yr old to pose for pics like this and allowing a now 16yr old to marry a 51yr old and pose for even more suggestive photos is just wrong. She wants to promote her music? Fine. She can do so not mostly naked and not married to a man who is as old as her father. Parents are supposed to protect their kids from danger and sleezy old men not hand over their daughters on a silver platter to someone that they know (and they must know or else they are totally blind and stupid) is not honestly interested in her as a person but interested in her body, youth and using her as a person they can control due to her young age and lack of real world experience. Bad, bad parents!!

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