Courtney Stodden Channels Farrah Fawcett, Sharon Tate

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Courtney Stodden is at it again.

No, she hasn't married another 51-year old actor in one of the more disturbing, desperate cries for attention that we can recall.

But the young singer has paid supposed homage to a classic beauty by donning a similar bathing suit and striking a similar pose. A few days after we uncovered an image of Stodden making like Pamela Anderson, an image of a then-15-year old Courtney has emerged. Here, she channels Farrah Fawcett from the latter's Charlie's Angels days:

Courtney Stodden vs. Farrah

Who looks better in her red bathing suit?


Elsewhere, Stodden's mother tells E! News that people should visit her daughter's official website to see "a black-and-white photo of her sitting with her legs up, tastefully, on a black leather seat. It's in the style of Sharon Tate."

Who is Sharon Tate? An actress who was married to Roman Polanski and was pregnant when she was killed by the Manson Family in 1969. Check out that picture HERE.

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She can never be like Farrah. Farrah wasn't plastic and fake in that photo .


She thinks she looks better than Farrah or Sharon? haha wow. Look in the mirror gurl. you wish you looked as good as Farrah. Look at Farrah's beautiful pearly white smile and Courtney you look like your trying to take a SHIT! wtf? lol. I can't believe you even embarrased your self by taking this picture... She looks like she's about 45 lol. Buess you should take some of that hooking money and get your shit fixed cuz theirs no help for you or your mosquito bite tities! LMAO dumbass!


WTF? oh my god really Courtney? you really think you look better than Farrah? Not in this lifetime sweetie! ROTF LMFAO! You look terrible! I guess thats what hooking does! LMAO Washed up and dried out! get over yourself! and she's suppose to be 16? LMFAO she looks just like the other person said rode hard and put away wet! LMAO. No one wants you honey. I wouldn't touch you with a ten foot pole. lol


Lord, that poor girl really thinks she can hold a candle to Farrah? Farrah was natural, relaxed and stunningly beautiful!... this girl looks like a little girl trying to be sexy.... seeing pictures like this makes me long for the days of Farrah, Jacklyn Smith and Kate Jackson even more!.... somebody stop this girl!!! where the hell are her parents????


This ditz looks like a man. Sure she has breasts, but check out some of her pictures. She has a very manly looking face. Also, she can't even DREAM of resembling Farrah!! Look at the photo. Farrah has much longer legs, cuter smile, and WAY thinner!!! But then again, she is only 16 so that accounts for the stupidity!!(or maybe just immaturity) Become famous by having an acting or singing talent, not by marrying a pedophile!


Another bimbo, gold digger slut, seeking desperately for attention. Ain't new, sadly.


D-Lister, I agree with you, her stupidity is forever but is not gonna be needed the time for her looks to fade, her looks are far from being good, now.. I don't even want to imagine what's gonna be in ten years, when she'll have 45 years old.. Wait, she is 15??? Are you freaking kidding me, right?


I just realized that I'm older than her.....and I'm not engaged and i know better than to be someone you'll never be.


this girl can't hold a candle to Sharon Tate or Farrah.


Courtney Stodden 2.3%
Farrah Fawcett - 97.7%
Total Votes: 1152 Hahahahahahaha. XD