Courtney Stodden and Doug Hutchison Reality Show: Coming Soon!

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In a true testament to their God-based connection, Courtney Stodden and Doug Hutchison will soon star in their very own reality show.

The 16-year old and her 51-year old husband made this startling announcement during an interview this week with Australian's The Morning Show.

“We’ve been seduced by a lot of producers, wanting to do a reality TV show and we’re in negotiations right now with a very prominent producer,” Hutchison said. “We’re talking about the possibility of taking it to networks.”

Courtney Stodden and Doug Hutchison Interview Photo

Stodden jumped in to explain the series would be "out of this world," which is pretty much where most people want to see this sickening twosome end up.

Why is Hutchinson attracted to his very, very, very young wife? The actor mentioned Courtney's "spirit" and "sense of humor" in the interview - and then proceeded to compare Stodden to Marilyn Monroe.

“Courtney really embodies the classic iconic figures of the past,” he said. “The Marilyn Monroes, the Sharon Tates, the Pamela Andersons.”

Stodden - an aspiring singer who in no way, shape or form married Hutchinson to help further her career - recently posed like the former Baywatch babe and explained why:

“Women have treated her in a classified way, the same way which they have treated me in a lot of cases, so I really admire that she holds her head up high no matter what people dish at her. She always keeps a sense of humor.”

We don't think Courtney knows what classified means.


This girl looks like she has been a hooker/stripper for 20 years (worn out and used) and she's only 16. She acts trashy like Anna Nicole Smith. Her parents must be so grateful to have her married off and out of the house. And her husband! A 50 year old actor hooked up w/a 15 yr old girl over the internet. You know he was on the internet preying on young girls, a pervert! This guy will have her in porno when she turns 18. She is so conceited, and he just played on her vanity to get what he wants.


SHE'S 16?! She looks like she's pushing 40, aided by too much botox. She needs to finish school and get as far away from her parents as possible. Anyone who allows their teenage daughter to look like that needs their head examined.
And sadly, Doug Hutchinson is actually a decent actor. Now he's throwing all of his training and credibility out the window to marry a teenager and be on reality TV. I know I won't be able to take him seriously if he ever does a movie or scripted TV show again.


Hate to say it, but this will be awesome. You want a trainwreck you got it. Just a warning to the passengers on the train - mainly these two, look out ahead, mostly Courtney. Doug will be remembered as a virile pimp. Courtney's just gonna be remembered as an uneducated fool who tried to take a shortcut to fame without the number one requirement - talent.


Who are these people? Why are they getting a television show? Has the American viewership gone crazy?


Dare I say it??
If this is what a 16 year old teenager look like, by the time she gets to be 21, she will look like *death riding on a lifesaver!!
Was I finished??
Tales from the crypt and multiple surgeries gone wrong!!


Check out that picture. Ewwwww! She looks 40 (not in a good natural way) and high while he looks like a facelift gone wrong. Why anyone would want to reward this kind of thing by giving them a show is beyond me. Ugh! Finish school Courtney, you'll learn the meaning of classified and some other important words like common sense, self respect and dignity. You really need a heaping dose of those last three.


plus i know alot of people won't because how disgusting she looks and posing those women. CHRISTIAN my Butt!!!!!! NO you ain't ur a fake omgosh!!!!! UR A STUPID LITTLE KID THAT DOESN"T KNOW DIDDLY SQUAT FROM THE EARTH I HOPE U HAVE FUCKEN LOW RATINGS ON THE SHOW!




Retard and a child molester. Sure, I'll watch

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