Corey Feldman Says Pedophilia "#1 Problem" in Hollywood, Contributed to Corey Haim's Death

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According to Corey Feldman, former child star and best friend of the late Corey Haim, child molestation has run rampant in the entertainment industry.

"The No. 1 problem in Hollywood was and is and always will be pedophilia," he said Wednesday, adding that the “casting couch” exists for children, too.

He and Haim were no exceptions to that disturbing trend, Feldman says.

Corey Feldman Pic

Two Coreys: Feldman, left, and the late Haim.

Feldman asserted in an interview that directors and other adults in the industry take advantage of young aspiring actors on a regular basis.

“It's all done under the radar... But it's the big secret,” he said.

Feldman also claimed that former co-star Corey Haim's death last year was the end result of early sexual abuse by an unnamed "Hollywood mogul."

The 40-year-old said that his friend’s long-running battle with substance abuse and addiction was "a symptom” of the molestation he experienced.

The actor has said that he was raped by his assistant as a child.

"It's something that will be addressed in my inner soul for the rest of my life, and it's something that truly affects me,” he told GQ magazine.


agree about monarch/mk ultra. in which kind of world are we actually living..and why isn't even Obama doing anything against it. All those (still living) criminal involved ex-presidents from Bush downwards should be eliminated instantly - everyone knew about it and so many innocent people lost their lives just for dumb retarded bullshit. I just bet that Bieber was molested already too. hollywood stars are assholes. if they would stand together and blame the guilty ones they could bring a big change in the industry. but they don't care at all. thank god I'm not going to watch their movies.


It is absolutely true. Hollywood agenda to sexualize children is long underway. Research: MK Ultra, Monarch Programming. Nightmare.


@ freespirit114 I disagree with you because I know that there are TWO possibilities... 1. Feldman could've sworn to Haim to never tell anyone. For all we know Haim probably (most likely) contracted Aids so it makes absolute sense that Haim would NOT want anyone to know. How humiliating that must feel to know that your life has been ruined from such a young age. 2. If you believe in conspiracies (I won't name them), then surely you must know that you do not mess with them. Do you actually believe that if it were that simple to just yelling it from the rooftops that they would live to tell about it? Not likely, no. Maybe you're really young & a bit naive, so I'm here to tell you that it is not that simple. That is why there is so much we do not know & most likely will never know. That is the world we are living in. When money & power is involved they can get away with murder, easily.


Steven Spielberg is well known for his Pedophilia. The luscious way the camera filmed Dakota Fanning in the Tim Robbins basement scene in The War of the Worlds convinced me that you're right. The person filming that little girl was deeply, sexually in love with her.

@ Llarry

u r right!

@ Llarry

" The person filming that little girl was deeply, sexually in love with her." This reaction is your own feeling which you project out. You experience it differently than someone else will experience. it.


I know for a fact many parents in the biz sell their kids up the river.
The parents know that their are seven Hollywood movie produces who will give great parts to only the children whose parents sell their kids for money..A lot of money and I mean a lot of money. If the child performs the sex acts and the movie moguls know in some way they like it or the child is very aggressive and responsive to it in a nasty way..They will be set and the parents know this..SAD but true

@ One who knows

Report this to the police.


An earlier commenter hit the nail on the head. This can be handled very easily. Stop watching TV and going to the movies. The consumer can end this over night. Even if the entire US population saw a trial and conviction of a famous hollywood mogul, they'd still worship actors and drool over plastic, pop-culture performers like Brittney Spears and Justin Bieber. Then after the trial, they'd stay in denial. MJ was a sick, twisted, child molesting monster. Everyone knew it, but they still listened to his music. That tells me people value children's innocence less than they value the dream of fame & fortune.

@ Greg

MJ was not a pedophile. Anyone who studied his case knew he was setup by the prosecutor. You got many things right in your comment but not this one. I've followed every court case hearing. He was setup to divert attention away from the WMD story in 2003.


David Nicksay. Born April 15, 1943. Corey Haim stated that his molester was 42 years old when it first happened, and that he, himself, was 14 years old at the time. Lucas was filmed in 1985 (when Corey was 14), released in 1986. David Nicksay produced it, and was 42 at the time of filming. In 1979, David Nicksay produced a television series that Corey Feldman had a role in called, "The Bad News Bears". Feldman also stated that the person who molested Corey Haim is STILL TO THIS DAY a Hollywood "mogul". David Nicksay is a production manager for Justin Bieber and has co/executively produced many films and television shows since the late 1970's (Including Michael Jackson's short fim, entitled, "Ghost" which was released in 1997.) I won't sit quiet anymore. These monsters need to be stopped. Unfortunately this is only ONE of the people who victimized these two boys. That's all I can say.

@ Livid



Steven Spielberg is well known for his Pedophilia. All of
Hollywood is based on this type of abuse. God only knows
how poor little Heathe O'Rourke suffered before her sacrifice.
Drew Barrymore was another of Mr. Spielbergs "pets". How to
BASTARDS AND THEIR EVIL EMPIRE!! Do you really feel it's
necessary to be assaulted by all their subliminal bullcrap
anyway? Don't support this type of abuse.


Was Corey's Jedi hair style trying to tell us that its GEORGE LUCAS? Maybe he did name names, just in a different way.

@ Fred

Spielberg isn't known for pedophilia. Don't spread lies jerk.


@Rain which young actor on Back to the Future?? Come to think of it, Michael J Fox has the clout to out movie Mogul pedophiles. He'd be believed! @Leo unless you've been in Corey Feldman's shoes, or have been abused (which, by the way, my mom was and it totally messed up her parenting skills) then don't condemn him. I read somewhere today about Angelica Huston doing nothing to protect the 13 year old that Polanski should be remembered that her father John Huston was part of the incestuous pedophile ring that may have links to the Black Dahlia murder. Angelica was most likely herself abused. I am hoping that this issue is not swept under the carpet. ANY parent who pushes their kid into acting, modeling and the like should be looked upon as suspect. There should be some sort of monitoring/cancelling/educational program that is mandatory in the arts for child actors. Bless you Corey!

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