Christine O'Donnell Walks Off Piers Morgan Tonight

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Former U.S. Senate candidate and possible witch Christine O'Donnell peaced out of an interview on CNN's Piers Morgan Tonight after a heated exchange.

O'Donnell, who ran unsuccessfully as a Republican for Joe Biden's old seat last fall, was there to promote her book, but ended up walking (not flying) out.

Christine was persistently asked by Piers about her views on DADT, gay marriage, and sexuality, but kept trying to steer him away from those subjects.

"You're promoting the damn book!" Morgan exclaimed after her 14th attempt to refer him to it. O'Donnell called him "borderline rude" and awkwardly left.

If nothing else, we learned that O'Donnell does not condone masturbating. Still unresolved is whether she has cast any good spells recently.

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I find it pretty funny. WAY TO GO, PIERS! By the way, Mrs. O'Donnell, there are laws banning sex! In Idaho, it is illegal for a teenager to have sex with anyone, even if both are under 18.


Funny how she spouts her bigotry 24/7, then gets offended if anyone mentions it. Sounds like mental disorder, to me.


He was rude, he didn't read the book, he went for the hot button topic of gay marriage just for the sensationalism. Had he just got her started talking on the book and then referred to her comments, IN THE BOOK, about that topic, he'd have gotten his answer. Piers Morgan is a typical snotty, pushy, Englishman who thinks is poop doesn't stink! Got news for ya, Piers, you're no different from anyone else! If you were worth anything at all as a journalist, you certainly wouldn't be on such a non-watched cable station!


Piers is very direct with his questions


Hahahahaha. Piers Morgan's AWESOME! Way to go!


Typical polician doesn't want to say anything because she is afraid of talking so no matter how the question is asked she refuses to answer it.


Thumbs up for Piers.
O'Donnell must have never seen the show before, its not a free infommercial and love-fest for her to promote a book that noone cares about. Its CNN, not Oprah. Expect some degree of journalism to come into it.


She is a severely warped, frigid, messed up *itch, sorry if any legit witches were insulted, Freud would have a field day with her. Are there any politicians left with any brains any more? No wonder our country is going down the tubes.


Go back to England and make your fortune there Piers.


I think that the author meant bitch!