Chris Brown VMA Performance: Dancing to Nirvana, Flying Across Stage

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So often embroiled in controversy, Chris Brown is making headlines Monday morning for the reason he'd like - his performance at MTV's Video Music Awards.

Dressed in a white formal suit, the performer gyrated to "Yeah 3X," then further showcased his moves to the 1993 Wu-Tang classic "Protect Ya Neck."

His routine then moved even further back in time with a surprise dance number to Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit." Anybody see that one coming?

Chris Brown finished his performance with his current hit, "Beautiful People," elevating high above the crowd via invisible wires. Peep it below ...

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Stop being so damn mean people, u have to amit that chris did a good job on stage last night...


Stop so damn mean people, u have to amit that chris did good


@100% Amazing: I would not hit a woman for attention.


@100% Amazing: Just to be clear, your argument is that I am wrong for judging someone, while Chris Brown is fine for beating a woman to a pulp simply because it happened a few years ago.
So judgment trumps violence against women? An interesting stand.


@Hilton Hater: yeah yeah whatever you write bloody hater!=> Idiots just mind your damn business=> is that too much of a task to ask a self confessed hater? The Hollywood drag queens. Some should smack your vile mouths. I know you're looking for hits so i'm giving you what you desperately need like the rest of your fellow whore bloggers and "twitter journalists" Bwahahahahahaha! desperados! what wouldn't you do or say for attention?!


@Missy D: He's is very good at beating up women, you're right.


Wow! Good job @ Hilton Hater. Way to show professionalism. Your sarcasm touches me. You guys never seem to have something positive to say about Chris Brown. Even when he does something good.


@100% Amazing: You're right. We messed up on the facts. Let's change that:
Chris Brown sent Rihanna to the hospital after beating her repeatedly with his fists. He has also thrown a chair out a window in anger and doesn't understand why people don't believe he's a changed man. Instead, he chooses to continually lash out at critics and show zero remorse for his brutal, violent actions. Thank you, 100% Amazing. Corrections made.


What a suprise! NO ONE HERE TO COMMENT ON A POSITIVE BLOG! well, lets wait till a negative blog comes on. Please someone smack that Perez's vile mouth please! Chris Brown is a Champion and he will continue to prove it while the haters hate. And stop calling him a controversial star, its these other people who wouldn't leave him alone....always attacking him on twitter. The Hollywood Gossip: Get your facts right!