Chris Brown VMA Performance: Dancing to Nirvana, Flying Across Stage

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So often embroiled in controversy, Chris Brown is making headlines Monday morning for the reason he'd like - his performance at MTV's Video Music Awards.

Dressed in a white formal suit, the performer gyrated to "Yeah 3X," then further showcased his moves to the 1993 Wu-Tang classic "Protect Ya Neck."

His routine then moved even further back in time with a surprise dance number to Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit." Anybody see that one coming?

Chris Brown finished his performance with his current hit, "Beautiful People," elevating high above the crowd via invisible wires. Peep it below ...

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@hilton hater
Your oversimplified stance on Chris Brown is interesting - he beat up Rihanna and has not said he's sorry enough, and he threw a chair at a window, and because of all that, he deserves no positive recognition whatsoever as an artist. What do you make of Rihanna's pleas that people get over it and move on, of her friending him on twitter? When last did you write am unconditionally contemptous review of Eminem? Just curious.


1) Give it up Perez Hilton Chris don't want you. 2) At least Chris Brown can acutally sing. What's Britney's excuse? 3) When the LGBT community views you (Perez)the way the (most of) the Black community views Clarence Thomas, then you clearly aren't worth a piece of canine christened rust on a fire hydrant. 4) My grandmother said it best: when the paddy wagon picks up Mel Gibson, Woody Allen, Charlie Sheen and Josh Brolin, they can go get Chris Brown. When they take away all of the awards and accolades of Gibson, Allen, Sheen and Brolin (the son) they can take away the accolades of Chris Brown. If not, they can get a toy and stuff it! 5) Good response from Chris Brown. No profanity, kept it simple. Any growth is still growth.


We'll all have to agree to disagree. Team Breezy members can go to sleep tonight proud of Chris' dancing ability and defending the actions of a woman beater because, hey, what 19-year old would not bludgeon his girlfriend after a few drinks?!? I'll do my best to live with myself for thinking this is an unforgivable action.


Hilton Hater, Either you're writing the stuff to stir people up or you're seriously a hater. Either way you're extremely annoying and need to get a life. Seriously.


make sure you choose one thats not been having much sleep either, from either partying, hard core/ breaking point reharsals/ tention and presure of a life changing performance. Make sure he is well soaked in alcohol, do not warn him of this attack, and make sure you attack him after telling him you've slept with his friend (Drake) then attack him. Thats the shit that gets spoiled/ disrespectful women killed


make sure the kid (your boy friend) just turned 19 & give him alot of alcohol or substance 1st then attack him on the freeway doing 80-100m/h. If you both manage to survive a posibly fatal accident, tell us what his reaction was


@hilton hater 4)Don't forget to perform this quick experiment, slap your man in the face, squeez his balls & throw his phone out of the window while his is doing 80 m/h on the freeway then come back here to tell us what he did to you. (Please!,your royal double standardness) I bet by now you'd have a knife in your eye lol But who are we kidding, you don't have a man thats why you are as bitter as hell. When you wake up in the morning and find yourself thinking about Chris Brown, remind yourself you are not Rihanna! bring us some fresh news, enough of the stale story if you can't get it out of your head still, the consult a psychiatrist.


I think Hater is just hating, CB performance at vma was incredible.. That was my best show of the nite.....


Amazing. If you guys hate him, why did you watch?


Are you guys really using Twitter as a defense? You wanna defend Brown by claiming Rihanna forgave him? How many times do beaten women go back to the man who beat them? This is a sign of something seriously wrong with the insecure woman, not a sign that the man should actually be let off the hook. My goodness. Talk to any psychologist... judge... attorney... sane individual you can find. Emotionally-scarred victims aren't the ones who decide a criminal's fate and there's a reason for that. Sorry, I forgot he can dance really well. Breezy forever!!!!!