Chris Brown VMA Performance: Dancing to Nirvana, Flying Across Stage

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So often embroiled in controversy, Chris Brown is making headlines Monday morning for the reason he'd like - his performance at MTV's Video Music Awards.

Dressed in a white formal suit, the performer gyrated to "Yeah 3X," then further showcased his moves to the 1993 Wu-Tang classic "Protect Ya Neck."

His routine then moved even further back in time with a surprise dance number to Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit." Anybody see that one coming?

Chris Brown finished his performance with his current hit, "Beautiful People," elevating high above the crowd via invisible wires. Peep it below ...

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Ya'll HATERS make me sick!!!! Human is to error. You all act like you never did shit in your lives that was fucked up!! @ getit, give me a fuckin break!!! Brown has moved on, he paid his dues. What the Fuck us the sentense for assaulting a woman??? LIFE??? Not that its right but there are worse crimes than that!!! Like murder!!! So get over it!!! Its been done with!! You can't deny the fact that the boy has talent and is a SHOW STOPPER!!! Give props where they belong and get a life ..... all you haters out there!!! Who are you to judge???? Ugggghhhhh


Christopher Maurice Brown is an amazing Rnb Pop and Hip hop artist. Unique and exuisurt falcetto vocalist and mind blowing dancer aswell as an enthusiastic song writer and actor. We know he has made a huge mistake but that just only makes him human.He redemed himself and apologized deeply,regreting and taking full responsibility for his actions,and thats all that matters him and rihana both moved on why can't you.Ofcourse we as team breezy hate what he did but we can't hold that against him because we also love him as a down to earth person,amazingly talented musician,dancer and actor.He is human you know he made a mistake and he knows that,she knows that.He even has something Rihana does'nt talent No offence love u rihana.So please pee off all u haterz. Stay strong CB,Amazing legendary performance.


Chris Brown is an amazing falceto vocalist better than Usher and Justin,a mind blowing dancer and unlike most people actualy has talent,he even writes his songs.Ok he hit rihana but even us as team breezy hate what he did,but we can't hold it against him because we love him as person who is down to earth,a fantastic and amazing singer/song writer,actor and dancer and we even love him more as a person who also makes mistakes.He redemed himself and apologized and took full responseability for his actions and thats what matters.He owes nothing to you so pee off.Rihana moved on so why can't you for heavens sake he also did some preety grate things aswell like going to africa and singing at her school.Hate him all you want but Chris actualy has something she does'nt talent (No offence,love u rihana) and you can't deprive him of that.Team breezy is growing so pee off


Chris Brown is an amazing falcetto vocal singer,influental hip hop dancer and actor.I think though he made a huge mistake it gives you no right to hold it against him,cuz i bet all of you are no different.Rihana's moved on why can't you she's the victim here.Give him a brake and pee off.N don't h8 on his VMA performance,it was sick even bieber,Kanye gave him a standing ovation.Personaly i also like rihana but Chris has something she dose'nt talent.(No offence) And you can hate all u want but you can never deprive him of that.So keep feeling sorry for her.


hilton hater to fucking be honest im fucking teambreezy bitch and if yew think yew cant forgive for dhat action shut the fuck up and grow up everyone makes mistakes and for the rest of the people hating he doesnt give a shit about yall so keep talking while i defend him everyone fucking makes mistakes if your thinking about the pass dhat happen in 2009 yall have problems of yall own step yah cookies up
teambreezy for life bitches
like chris brown said im done


Beating women in any race is wrong .


Everyone who typed their views in this thread should read "Soul On Ice" cover-to-cover, and then read their own comment again. It is not racist to say that race is involved here. Our society has many opinions, but ultimately it's a mob mentality, meaning that we share a consensus of all our views, and the reality of that should discomfort all of us. None of us will ever be able to view Chris Brown and Charlie Sheen on a level field of judgement, because none of us view a white man and a black man as the same symbol. If we do, we are ignoring history.


You would think that reacord companies would try to groom better stars with some class instead of taking the cheap way out and giving the public violent woman beaterss. This type of action does not help an industry that is aleady hurting.Record companies are hoping today's kids are stupid enough to buy CDs from a woman beating royal jester that prances around on stage or from a woman with a good voice that tries to hide the fact that she is very short by dressing up like a man to deflect some of the attention.


Chris Brown is trash. I wouldn't buy clothes from a sweatshop that exploits kids, and I won't listen to 'music' from a convicted woman beater, even if he can fly and sleeps with Bieber. As for all you people who keep claiming how Rihanna feels etc, how the f**k do you know? Were you there? Are you her friends? Naw, you're just a bunch of uneducated peeps who don't give a sh*t about integrity, just who sells. The guy can't even sing, he fake sings to pre recorded robot voices. I hope you encounter a Chris Brown someday, it's the only way some of you douches will learn anything, and then you'll get to hear how you deserved it.


Chris Brown's performance was nothing to write home about ,but something to write about is, MTV desperately latching on to a woman beater to try to recapture their old glory days before they replaced the music videos with their stupid reality shows.

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