Chris Brown Neighbors Revolt, Seek Revocation of Singer's Probation

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We reported earlier this summer that a bunch of West Hollywood condo owners believe Chris Brown is the neighbor from hell. Well, that's not all.

The Chris Brown domestic battery case (a.k.a. the Rihanna case) just took a bizarre turn after Chris' neighbors are trying to get him in trouble.

How? They contacted his probation officer over what their West Hollywood condo feud, where residents have complained at length about Chris.

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The neighbors have complained that Chris Brown parks in handicapped spaces, blares music at all hours, races dogs down the hall and vandalizes property.

In court, the prosecutor told the judge that the homeowners association will send a letter to Chris' probation officer, claiming he's violated various laws.

Henceforth, they say, by his conduct in the building, Breezy violated one of the terms of his probation. That term is the simplest of all: to obey all laws.

Chris' lawyer, Mark Geragos, called the biggest complainer "a nut," adding that Chris is a victim of management, who misled him over the parking spots.

Geragos said he's met with the West Hollywood City Attorney, and believes citations Chris received for parking in a handicapped spot will be dismissed.

For now, he's not in any real trouble. But stay tuned there.



can you say lil Kanye?


No I believe the neighbors might have their point. Chris being young and living in a condo environment with strict rules is tough for a young hip hop prince ands his followers to follow.


@Tami Amen!


I can't believe that Chris Brown is still being hounded by the Rhiana Beat Down.It's been three years and now his neighbors are going after him.


I'm no Chris Brown fan, but the neighbors do sound a bit crazy.


To whom much is given, much is required. Chris has to start thinking like the media. He has to realize that he is famous and that no matter what he does these "Vultures" are always going to be there to try and bring him down. I hate the fact that he EVER met Rihanna. I'm NOT SAYING that she caused any of this, but I am saying that if he had NEVER dated her, we would most likely NOT be talking about anything but his music. The public will NEVER forget or forgive him and that is ashame. I pray that one day he can find peace and actually be able to enjoy his life, which is his God-given right!


Alot of these people are using Chris's past to make themselves relevant. Looking at you Levy.. If it's not Chris Brown, it's Micheal Vick. Its becoming all too obvious. Leave our young black men alone!!! Your hoods are starting to show.


The funny thing is chris never be at home. So why people are trying to bring this guy down? It crazy that charlie sheen dust crack snuffing azz can be in that neighborhood with no kind of complaints. Wow that very!


Hey cris don't let dis dudes get to u men man n liv us life, peace yo al


White folks sure are relentless. I'll give you guys that. Chris baby... Just move. His success is making YOU people lose your collective minds. What's really going on White folks??????? Leave him alone the same way you leave crack head Charlie alone. I'm sick of it. Love you Breezy.


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