Children of Michael Jackson: Happy!

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Michael Jackson must be smiling from above.

Two years after his death, his once-veiled children Prince, 14, Paris, 13, and Blanket, 9, are facing the world and adjusting to their new life with flying colors.

"They are really happy kids now," a source says.

MJ Kids

Paris, Blanket, Prince and some other person we don't know.

Monday, they made a public appearance with their grandmother, Katherine Jackson, and aunt, Latoya Jackson, at a ceremony to donate some of MJ's artwork.

They were also spotted at Six Flags Magic Mountain last week with their cousins, Jermajesty and Jaafar, plus Prince Michael Jackson's girlfriend Niki (sp?).

As summer winds down, the Jacksons - like any kids - will focus on school.

"Prince and Paris are going back to [private school] this year. They love the social aspect of it," says the source of the long home-schooled kids.

Blanket, on the other hand, will stay home to receive his education, at least for now: "He's still very, very shy. He's still home-schooled."

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Come on, the kid was only 7, shy as hell and I seriously doubt that he didn't want to cut his hair just for his dad, if anything, he JUST DIDN'T want to cut it. As for Katherine, she has let her son down with MANY of her actions, plain and simple. Sad fact is, michael didn't have anyone else to leave them with.


I agree, Blanket should cut his hair, I too like long hair but just cut it. As for mjs mom, she IS a big disappoint for sure. Michael has already turned a thousand times in his grave for things that are going on and what that family is doing. Shame on all the Jacksons for using their son to keep in the spot light, afterall, I think it was Randy that was working on cars until Michael died, now, he's obviously doing better.


I do not have issues with long hair, I like it, however, I have issues with someone who is putting words in the kids mouths. And frankly, Katherine has been a big disappointment since MJ died. I am an MJ fan since he was on ed sullivan show, that being said, Katherine is doing things MJ would NEVER approve of for example, Howard Mann, MJ would never want his kids around that man. Another example, MJs kids are use to having holidays such as Christmas and their birthdays and now Katherine has them being Jehovah and jehovahs do NOT celebrate that, so now these kids have that fun taken away, MJ would be disappointed in that.


@Deb, maybe he didn't use the word tribute, but she said he wants to keep it long, because it was long when his dad died, his dad didn't want to cut his hair for one reason or another. Doesn't mean he necessarily used the word tribute...that was probably just Katherine's way of trying to explain it to people. Besides, the kid looks good with long hair. Just because some people have issues with little boys with long hair doesn't mean there is something wrong with it. He has nice hair, and he seems comfortable with it, so just let him be.


Those kids were happy with their dad. Of course they were sad for a long while, because their dad died, but they're starting to adjust to life without him, though it'll never be the same. I don't think it takes a rocket scientist to realize that these kids would rather have their father back above anything else. As for Blanket's hair, he doesn't want to cut it. Katherine said in an interview that Blanket's keeping it long in tribute to his dad. I think that's very sweet.


They need to cut Blankets hair. That bs about "he doesn't want to cut it because its his tribute to his dad" is crap. Since when does a 7yr old (and he was 7 when Katherine said this bs) even think of the word "tribute", Katherine....JUST CUT HIS HAIR!


I agree with Kelly, these kids were happy when they were with their dad, you make it sound like only now they are happy. They aren't THAT happy, if they were Paris would be smiling more and in MOST of her pics she is NOT smiling.


"They are really happy kids now"????? They were HAPPY when they were with their dad!!!!!


I agree with Lauren. I'm glad that they have found a way to move on with their new lives but losing their dad will no doubt leave a void. I agree with the author of the article though, that Michael would be smiling from above :)


They're happy, in the sense that they're come to terms with their dad's death and have found other reasons to smile, but they'll always miss their dad

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