Children of Michael Jackson: Happy!

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Michael Jackson must be smiling from above.

Two years after his death, his once-veiled children Prince, 14, Paris, 13, and Blanket, 9, are facing the world and adjusting to their new life with flying colors.

"They are really happy kids now," a source says.

MJ Kids

Paris, Blanket, Prince and some other person we don't know.

Monday, they made a public appearance with their grandmother, Katherine Jackson, and aunt, Latoya Jackson, at a ceremony to donate some of MJ's artwork.

They were also spotted at Six Flags Magic Mountain last week with their cousins, Jermajesty and Jaafar, plus Prince Michael Jackson's girlfriend Niki (sp?).

As summer winds down, the Jacksons - like any kids - will focus on school.

"Prince and Paris are going back to [private school] this year. They love the social aspect of it," says the source of the long home-schooled kids.

Blanket, on the other hand, will stay home to receive his education, at least for now: "He's still very, very shy. He's still home-schooled."

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i like blanket's hair,he is such a sweet boy,for goodness sake its his hair whats wrong with being with long hair?


Leave the kids alone in their shoes what would you do if it was your dad that was so famous Blanket resembles MJ alot when I 1st seen him at the funeral I said My god he looks like him they will never get over the loss if they want to attend anything that has to do with their dad go for it it was his life's legacy and one day I bet blanket will sing and dance like his dad maybe just maybe we will get him back someday I have all his music and the movie's I miss his music and him period that is the problem in these times people always want to find fault Let it go ppl


In my opinion, Blanket looks kinda...strange, in most pictures you see, he is usually making a strange face of some sort, like maybe he's got something "wrong" with him. I am not saying this to be nasty or mean, its what I see, he makes the strangest looks at times, I know sometimes kids do that but this is different. The other two you can tell are very intelligent and extremely well mannered and mj did a wonderful job with them, but he didn't have a lot of time with blanket, but those cousins are destroying that, they are wild and allowed to order crap off the computer and use the excuse "it was for my dads birthday"...yeah....right. If mjs kids would have done that the media would have bashed mj even more! But jermaine gets away with it, what bs!


Blanket should cut his hair MJ was the greatest in the world Katherine has let MJ down completely They are using the kids for this tribute concert solely to make more money because they know that if people know the kids will be there they will surely want to buy a ticket and attend. The jackson brothers were off the map until mj died. Poor MJ, used when he was alive, and used while he's dead. Although michael wanted children real bad, he didn't think about what their life would REALLY be like without him, if he did, he would have decided not to have any. Sharks will now follow them, trying to scam them out of money, and also sharks that are "related", too bad because mj could have taught them about trusting the wrong people. WE MISS YOU MICHAEL.


People will always judge others, that will never change, and there is not anyone on this planet that hasn't judged someone at one time or another, everyone is guilty of doing it. The judging starts in grade school and continues through life.


LOL, loved for who you are and not for what other people want you to be, LOL!!! You are living in the fantasy world, in the realistic world, you are judged on looks, its a sad fact but true and that will never change. Women are judged more harshly then men, another sad but true fact.


Blanket should cut his hair, if he keeps growing it down to his toe's he will look like a carnival worker.


Actually, there are traditions of growing your hair long, or at least keeping a bit of it braided long in honor of someone how has passed. Blanket very well may not have wanted to cut it, and as he got older, realized he didn't want to cut it because it was his way of remembering his dad. I don't know. But I think his hair is great. His hair looks healthy and is pulled back when it needs to be. I don't think there is anything wrong with it at all.


I LOVE BLANKET!! To all the people complaining about Blankets hair. Would you like the world to tell you how you should look. What about being loved for who you are and not for what other people want you to be. I Hope he let his hair grow down to his toes and then some.


What is the issue with this kid hair ? hair is hair big deal blanket isn't the first boy to have long hair and he sure as hell won't be the last. And I don't think Katherine anything like that either about blanket keeping his hair long to remember his dad by keeping his hair that's silly and I think this is a way for the media to stir up shit about this boy his beautiful kid long or short hair he is still mike 's son and he will always love his father that's up him if he wants to cut it not us.
Like I said hair is hair big deal its a America if wants he to wear his hair pass his butt he can there is no laws that says you cant have long hair shit this isn't Iran .

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